Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Status On Always On Top 12-28-04

Presently I am editing page 82 in the new Always On Top ebook. Although the basic text is completed I am trying to make the first version as easy to understand as possible.

Get a Glimpse of Future Search Engine Technologies!

If you are truly interested in future search engine technologies read this very interesting information on the latest patents filed for search related technologies on Search Engine Watch for Google, IBM, and Yahoo!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Status of "Always On Top!"

I have completed writing Always On Top! Presently I am editing the book and am up to chapter 7 (page 40) today. The book is 237 pages long so far and I am adding a table of contents today. I will release version 1 as the Author's Edition. I am working to complete the Author's Edition by the first week in January for distribution. I can tell my family thinks I am crazy working so hard during the Christmas vacation, but I have to get this first edition completed ASAP because some very loyal customers purchased the book in pre-release.

Link to Always on Top Book

If you haven't purchased a copy of "Always On Top" now is the time to do so while it is over 40% off.

You will be able to download the ebook version of Always On Top within ten days. The following is way we are working with this special "pre-launch" promotion:

You are buying the book for less than 40% off of the eventual price of $47 (which is standard for good search engine marketing ebooks) at $21. Every week the price will go up a few dollars for others until it reaches $47 (later this week it will go up to $23).

I will make the book available first in ebook form within the next 2 weeks. This will be version 1 and the Author's Original Edition. The Author's Original Edition of Always On Top in ebook form will be updated with multimedia audio, screen capture video, and breaking search engine marketing developments and therefore will be a work in progress.

Concurrently, I will work with my editor and publisher to complete the printed book in 4 to 8 weeks. So for people like you who are buying Always On Top (in the pre-release form ONLY) you will have access to both the ebook version very soon and mailed a signed copy (postage free) once the printed version is available.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email me.

P.S. As a pre-release buyer you will have access to the following bonus ebooks and software:

P.P.S. As a pre-release buyer are also a subscriber to the Always On Top Ezine, which will keep you abreast of the printing and shipping dates for Always On Top the book and the latest developments in search engine marketing.

Thanks for your confidence and business.


Kamau Austin, Author "Always On Top"!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Google Suggestion Tool is Dynamic but Will Change Keyword Research

Google recently released its beta of a new search tool. When you type something into a search box it creates a drop down list of alternate keywords and the number of sites with relevant information to the keyword phrase. I tested the feature on Google and found it very helpful although not totally ready for prime time.

While this is a great feature it throws a whole new dynamic into the mix of search engine marketing. Before now you did keyword research on how users search the web. Now Google will be making suggestions to users on how they might search the web. Therefore, if you target your SEO towards a niche market that you have done keyword research on, you now have to do your keyword research on an ongoing basis (keeping in view the Google keyword suggestion box).

If you do a good deal of your keyword research based on the Overture site suggestion tool, you will now have to realize the searches on Google will be different from other search engines. This will be the case because search with Google will no longer be driven by the SE user but also Google's Suggestion Tool. This is a very important development that I will keep my eyes on.

To check out the new Google Suggestion Go Here

If you need SEO consultation call me at: 973-655-8866

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

See this Article on the Importance of using Keywords in Blogs for SEO.

We are always talking about the love of Blogs by Search Engines. This is because blogs can provide fresh and important content for many Internet users. So of the top search engine experts publish a newsletter which has a great article on the subject. Click Here for: The article on Keywords and Blogs

If you need help in setting up your business blog for SEO purposes contact me atSearch Engine Plan

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Should Search Engines Companies Sell SEO services?

Two search engine companies (Ask Jeeves and Lycos) are getting into the SEO business. This has raised eyebrows in the search engine marketing business about whether is a conflict of interest between a Search Engine Company doing SEO work. Traditionally there has been a dynamic and sometimes creative friction between the search engines and SEO companies. Some feel it is a natural evolution for search engines to offer SEO services in order that search engines can generate further income from their web applications. One of my favorite SEO experts Shari Thurow discusses the pros and cons of this new development in search engine marketing. To read more of her insights: Click Here

President Clinton Helps Springboard Promotion of New Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Accoona

New Search Engine Upstart Accoona spring-boarded its promotion to the public with an appearance of President Bill Clinton. This was obviously a smart move since much of the media picked up the event. The launching of yet another search engine would be ho-hum news if it wasn't for the recent IPO success of Internet Icon Google. However this new business search engine claims its artificial intelligence will help it become smarter as time goes on and will offer better results than Google. Seeing is believing... so I'll see if I can give the new search engine a spin.

If you would like to find out more about Accoona: Click Here

City Search Launches Pay Per Call and further Converges Online and Offline Marketing!

As if we needed another reason to consider offline marketing as much as online marketing. Online service City Search has joined Findwhat in introducing Pay Per Call advertising to primarily local merchants. Pay Per Call is using Online search services to get people to call local businesses rather than just visiting web sites. Many business people have been resistant to online advertising not knowing whether the medium is a good one for their businesses.

Now they will no longer need a web site to get search engine traffic because they can have a phone number as their response tool. Since the value of a phone call to these local businesses is worth more than a click the cost is a least 10 times that of pay per click advertising. Where a pay per click ad may run 5 cents a click pay per call ads may run $3 to $5 dollars a call. $5 dollars a call is expensive (so is 5 cents a call for that matter $50 CPM). We'll see if local businesses will go for such expensive advertising.

To read the rest of this article: Click Here

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Check Out this Great Article on Keyword Research and Usage

The following link is to an Article on Keyword Research and its importance in Search Engine Marketing. I was impressed with its clarity and information. Please check it out: by Clicking Here

Are You Looking For the Perfect Manhattan Commuter Apartment?

Are you a busy professional or businessperson that needs to commute to Manhattan NYC but would like a stress free community to live in?

You can get to Midtown Manhattan faster from this suburban home quicker than some places on Manhattan Island or NYC.

You must see this Modern 2 Bedroom Townhouse with 2.5 Bathrooms! Literally Walk to Manhattan Direct Train or Bus. Just 35 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. See this preferred apartment in Montclair NJ or Rental Home Click Here

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Blogging and SEO for Free Traffic

One of the new Internet secrets people are using to get their web sites in the search engines is with Blogs. Blogs are short for web logs and are like daily dairies on the web. Blogs started out as ways for Internet reality types to share their lives with other people on the web, without having to learn very complicated web design applications like Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage. Dreamweaver, the standard professional web design program takes a least 6 months to master, while FrontPage on the other hand looks a lot like Microsoft Word, and therefore can be used more quickly by people just starting out.

Blogs are much easier to use than any web design software. They can be used to change web content from a browser, email, and even simple desk top software. Blogs are web pages created with automated software that date stamps all changes to content. Blogs also index and file your web pages automatically according to a way you specify in advance.

Google loves blogs and has its own web based application called Blogger. You can set up a Blogger account for free (go to Go to Blogger). You should use Blogs for your business to give updates to your customers and supporters every few days on your company's news or inside information. You can reflect on industry trends with your business blog.

What's nice about blogs if you want to get your site in the search engines or keep the search engines up to date with your latest optimization efforts just put them on a blog page and link to the modified page you want indexed.

Or if you want to get your site in to Google go to a high ranked blog listed in Google and if the Blog allows comments give a good comment on the blog. Then link back to the page you want indexed in the Blog. This will get the Google spider to index the changes within a few days and consider your site for its database given the criteria of its algorithm.

If you are looking for a cheap way to build a lot of content on your site, which the search engines will pick up, go to Blogger and open up a free blogging account and join the blogosphere.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Microsoft Unleashes New Search Engine

If there is money to be made with a computer Microsoft will eventually produce a product or service for that industry. Thursday Microsoft unleashed its new search engine. It has been reported to have some problems with it, although I took a look at my rankings in the new search engine and it seems to rank me quite well. I personally welcome Microsoft into the search engine game. I think competition is good for the consumers. I think Yahoo and Microsoft will keep Google honest which was getting ridiculous with all its filters and de-ranking operatives. I think it will create more competitive ways and bring down some prices in search advertising. I think competition is good for the search industry because Google was becoming like a monopoly. To find out more about getting good rankings in Microsoft's new search engine attend my next teleclass: Click Here

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Google Launches Ad Pros Program for Interactive Agency's and Sales Reps

For people who have experience and expertise in setting up Google Adwords PPC campaign, you can now get paid to help other business person setup their accounts. 63% of businesses are still not online. With the growth of local search a lot of local businesses will need to develop an Internet marketing strategy because of the convergence and confluence of the online world with search and the offline world. Selling search engine advertising might be a good business for Internet marketers with PPC advertising experience. To find out what it takes the see the following article: Click Here. To learn how to do a proper PPC campaign check out my book "Always on Top": Click Here

Microsoft Enters the Search Engine Market Today

Microsoft is getting ready to go head to head with search engine giants Yahoo and Google. It is purported to release the first version of its search engine today. To read more about this development: Click Here. Get some background information by: Clicking Here To learn more about how the search engine can increase your business: Click Here.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Google Buys 3D Map Service Keyhole to Enhance its Local Search Capabilities

In an obvious move to increase and enhance its local search capabilities Google, has purchased a 3D map service called Keyhole. Keyhole will no doubt make the local search for information (20% of all online searches) a more rich experience.

Keyhole's technology purports to make photo-realistic maps of local areas from satellite and airplane photos. People can use this advanced mapping technology to find things like cafes, restaurants, or museums in a neighborhood. It sounds like very exciting and promising technology.

This will really take local search to the next level. This is an area of Internet marketing that is really beginning to take off. To see more about how this technology works: Click Here

To Take a Free Tele-course on the Importance of Local Search: Click Here

To receive help in your local search promotion: Click Here

To Learn How to Increase your local search visibility: Click Here

Many Search Engine Marketers are considered unsophisticated by Jupiter Research

A recent article by Jupiter Research reveals that most search engine marketers are "unsophisticated". This is because there seems to be a lot of people not measuring the success of their search engine marketing campaigns. There are different ways of doing this and many site statistic software or apps calculate conversion ratios and other stats. This is a very important article to read for Searchpreneurs and SEO's a like. Click here to: Read More

Google Outsources the Selling of Local Search

It is a very important development that Google has outsourced the selling of local search PPC programs to Bell South. Bell South has a large sales force that can sell search advertising face-2-face to local businesspeople and merchants.

In other words Internet search will become a significant marketing strategy for local business. This is significant because 20% of searches online are for local information. Twenty percent (20%) is a huge amount of searches. If you once thought your local business didn't need to be on the Internet, it is time to get a reality check.

Your competitors will soon be introduced to the importance of local search via sales consultants from Bell South and other advertising rep firms. Don't get caught behind the 8 ball on local search. To read more about the local search trend: Click Here

Additional Vital Stats: 14 Billion dollars made in local advertising. Projected to go to 2.5 Billion by 2008 - 2009 (Jupiter Metrix).

Friday, October 29, 2004

Always on Top - New Book by Kamau Austin on Search Engine Promotion and Internet Marketing

Link to Always on Top Book

I am wrapping it up on my new book on Search Engine Promotion and Internet marketing called "Always on Top"! My book coach Walt Goodridge is really pushing me to complete this book by this Monday.

It will be different from other books on search engine propelled Internet marketing, because it focuses on the online sales process.

Moreover, it teaches you how to use your search engine knowledge to become a Searchpreneur©. What is a Searchpreneur© you ask? It is an original term I developed to describe:" an entrepreneur that uses their specialized knowledge of search engine applications and algorithms to launch and profit from online traffic.

Please note: this is different from a SEO or search engine marketer that profits from optimizing other people's web sites.

Also I developed the S.E.E.M.E.™ (Search Engine Efficiently Maximized E-business) system of promoting your web site.

I explain to you why now is the time to get serious about selling your products and services online. You also learn ways of expanding your business by making additional sources of income with your web site even in niche markets.

You don't need a Gazillion people visiting your web site any more (although good traffic helps) but you do need a good search engine plan to spring board your efforts.

Obtain the book half price now in the pre-launch: Click Here

The Love Affair between the Search Engines Blogs and RSS

Anyone who has ever attended my free search engine telecourse would know I have been extolling the SEO benefits of Blogs since last January! Blogs or Web Logs seem to have a current love affair with the search engines. Search engines seem to love blogs because of the regularly updated content. Blogs are also search engine friendly in design. As publishers we love blogs because it is an easy way for us to update our sites with new content.

Last night I paid to listen to the last of a paid 2 day webinar on Affiliate marketing. It featured some of the most successful Internet Marketers today. They were also talking about the great upside potential with blogs and RSS. I suggest you begin to see how this technology can help your search engine rankings and sales. Check out this article: Click Here

If you would like to attend one of my free Search Engine Telecourse Click Here

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Search Engines Becomes the Preferred Way to Find Local Businesses!

Do you have a web site that fails to generate decent traffic? Have you failed to make search engine marketing a part of your promotion of your business because you have a local business, or feel the Internet is not where your customer's will find you?

Recent reports in Emarketer daily, one of the top Internet business resources, reveal over 50% of the country are now online. More importantly twice as many people search online for local businesses than use their local Yellow Pages.

You could be losing at least 50% of your potential market and customers by not having an Internet marketing plan with a strong search engine component. Sign up for my FREE Teleclasses on...

"How to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic and Expand Your Business with Additional Sources of Income!"

You will learn to become a Search Engine Efficient Marketing Ebusiness S.E.E.M.E. and Searchpreneur. Billions of Dollars are being made through the search engines! Over 90% of Internet purchases are first found on the search engines.

Sell and Profit More Online with a Successful Search Engine Plan Visit: Search Engine Plan

Monday, October 18, 2004

Please Take A look at the Business Grant Awards Below

I usually only cover Internet marketing and search engine promotion on this site. However, there are some great grant and equity investor awards that I want to tell you about to help finance your business. Please see the descriptions and links below. I hope you can win one of these awards to grow your business. Good luck.

Grants Up to 25,000 in the Ideas Happen Business Plan Competition Hosted by MSN

Please Hurry Over to check out the info on Ideas Happen.

Ideas Happen is a forum for pitching and funding great ideas. Last year, 12 people won $25,000 each to make their idea a reality. This year, it could be your turn.

We're currently accepting entries until October 20th, 2004. To get cracking, check out the 3 categories your idea could fit in (entrepreneur, self-expression or community) then head to "Pitch" and go for it.

If you decide not to pitch an idea for your shot at $25,000, you can still view entries and weigh in to determine who rounds out our daily top 10 lists.

You can check out Grants at: Ideas Happen click here

Secure Up to 250,000 dollars in an Equity Investment for Your Business with the New Profiteer Business Competition

This competition-the first of its kind in the country-will offer prizes to the most innovative, sustainable and commercially viable new business ideas submitted by budding and veteran New Profiteers from throughout the region. Among the prizes will be the possibility of securing a $250,000 investment in your business from Murex Investments. To Go to the site: Click Here

Win up to 30,000 Dollars for Your Business in NYC

Discover how to win up to $30,000 to grow your business!

There's exciting news for small business owners seeking to grow their businesses! You can win awards up to $30,000 by participating in the first-ever New York City Small Business Awards. This program, launched by the Mayor's Commission on Women's Issues and the NYC Department of Small Business Services, was developed to inform businesses about City resources to support their growth, and to recognize model businesses with awards for demonstrating business success and efforts to benefit women in New York City.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity at the NYC Small Business Awards Web site, www.nyc.gov/women and:

Download the application;

Get official rules, eligibility requirements, prize descriptions, and orientation schedules;

Get information on resources to help your business grow. Your application must be postmarked by November 15, 2004. For more information, Visit or dial 212 683 5955; by fax: 212 683 5999; by e-mail: ManhattanHCC@aol.com

PPC Search Engine Findwhat Creates Revenue Sharing Program similar to Adsense!

I always want to provide ideas for web masters to make more money on their sites. Findwhat, the 3rd most popular PPC after (Google and Overture), gets into the advertiser affiliate game with Ad Revenue Express. If you are looking for a way to make additional income on your site Ad Revenue may be something to consider (especially if you have been turned down by Google because of your traffic or lack of content). Read more about Ad Revenue Express by: Clicking here

Friday, October 15, 2004

What the Future of Search May Look Like!

A new meta-search engine Clusty may be the next evolution of search on the web. The web may soon give multi-channeled results for keyword searches. Notice how Google and Yahoo are expanding into local search, shopping search, news search, and soon blog search. Clusty is a search engine that gives you different channels or clusters of information tabs on your search engine keyword phrases. Give it a spin at: Clusty.com

MSN beta to Release Search Bar in Instant Messenger

MSN is positioning itself to dominate with its new search technology by putting a search bar in its Instant Messenger. Instant Messenger or IM is a very popular technology especially with young people, geeks, and corporate staffs. IM is certainly one of the web's killer apps. If MSN can launch a good marketing campaign with its IM technology this can really jumpstart their search engine business. Let's keep our eyes on this move.

MSN beta to Release Search Bar in Instant Messenger

MSN is positioning itself to dominate with its new search technology by putting a search bar in its Instant Messenger. Instant Messenger or IM is a very popular technology especially with young people, geeks, and corporate staffs. IM is certainly one of the web's killer apps. If MSN can launch a good marketing campaign with its IM technology this can really jumpstart their search engine business. Let's keep our eyes on this move.

PPC Search Engine Findwhat Creates Revenue Sharing Program similar to Adsense!

I always want to provide ideas for web masters to make more money on their sites. Findwhat, the 3rd most popular PPC after (Google and Overture), gets into the advertiser affiliate game with Ad Revenue Express. If you are looking for a way to make additional income on your site Ad Revenue may be something to consider (especially if you have been turned down by Google because of your traffic or lack of content). Read more about Ad Revenue Express by: Clicking Here

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Transform Your Business in a Weekend! Sign Up for Fall and Winter Sessions at the Small Business Camp!

I was able to get my mentor and friend, Andrew Morrison, to offer subscribers of Our Keep it Real... Profitable Ezine a $400 discount off his upcoming Small Business Camp from Friday October 15th to Sunday, October 17th. Shhh! Don't share this with your friends! Andrew's other clients are paying as much as $995 for the same seminar. Your cost is only $595.

Imagine being able to spend a weekend working on a computer to actually create and launch proven marketing concepts. Direct-mail postcards, websites and sales kits are just a few of the items you can leave with. You also receive 90 days of follow-up coaching to ensure that you stay on the right track. This brother is so confident that he even offers a money- back guarantee if you fail to make back your investment within 90 days after the seminar. For more information visit www.SmallBusinessCamp.com

Andrew Morrison has helped hundreds of business owners to uncover low-cost and high-impact marketing strategies. He received the Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Don't allow the cost to prevent you from attending the Small Business Camp weekend program. He's willing to work with you to create a payment plan based upon your increased cash flow. Send Andrew an e-mail at andrew@90dayplan.com or give him a call at 914-633-0725.

Here are the dates for the Camps:

Small Business Camp - Philadelphia
Friday, October 15th (6pm-8pm)
Saturday, October 16th (10am-8pm)
Sunday, October 17th (2pm-7pm)

Small Business Camp - New York
Friday October 22nd (7pm -9pm)
Saturday, October 23rd (9am-9pm)
Sunday, October 24th (2pm-7pm)

Visit www.90dayplan.com/events.htm to learn
more about his upcoming events.

Don't sleep on this opportunity. Andrew is for real!
What he's done for others, he can also do for you!

I personally recommend the Small Business Camp because I have made my money back more than 3-fold from the strategies and concepts taught in his training course.

Andrew Morrison and Small Business Camp Introduces Idea Camp.

Small Business Camp Presents Idea Exchange

An innovative business networking event that connects entrepreneurs together as we learn, share and prosper. Imagine a supportive environment of "like-minded" business owners who hold each other accountable to their dreams.

"I followed your advice on a very promising business idea that was right there in front of me. You really do have a gift that I have not seen in anyone before. You have a way of seeing ideas already done and planned out from marketing to finance. By showing me how to start a company, you helped to raise my level of self-esteem. Small Business Camp is simply amazing." Shameka Gumbs, Founder, Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival

Idea Exchange is your place to:
* Learn from industry experts
* Obtain practical advice that works
* Solicit team members
* Gain encouragement from other entrepreneurs
* Meet senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies
* Get unstuck from an emotional rut
* Stay focused on your goals
* Share your wisdom with others
* Receive constructive advice
* Attract investors
* Gain media exposure

Tuesday, October 12th
Tuesday, November 2nd
Tuesday, December 7th

Location: Harlem State Office Building
163 West 125th Street
(between Lenox and 7th Avenue)

6:00pm-6:45pm => Dinner and Networking
6:45pm-7:15pm => Lecture - "Closing the Big Sale"
7:15pm-8:15pm => Small Group Sessions
8:15pm-8:30pm => Share Goals for Next Month

There is NO admission fee to this event. Dinner will be available for $20.

RSVP: idea@90dayplan.com
CALL: 212-576-8807
VISIT: www.SmallBusinessCamp.com

Andrew Morrison is the founder of Small Business Camp. Previously he built
a multi-million dollar company by providing innovative direct marketing
services to Fortune 500 companies. He was featured in the Wall Street
Journal, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and is the recipient of the
prestigious Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

FINALLY... SEOs can Optimize Flash Files for the Search Engines

As a designer and artist I have always loved working in Flash and doing animation. However, as a Marketer Flash has not been search engine friendly. Macromedia the developer of Flash has created a patch to help SEO's do their work. This is a welcome addition. Perhaps this will help Flash become popular again. Caution should still lead you in your use of Flash. The Flash environment lends itself more to graphic form than textual content which is still needed to sell and run a business online. However, this is a welcome step in the right direction. To read more about this: Click Here

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Adhearus Changes the Rules with its Affilate Advertising Program!

Financing top ranking search engine and high traffic sites can benefit from featuring pay-per-click advertising from Google and Adhearus on their web properties.

Adhearus has changed its policy to double pay-per-click for affiliates. What happens is once someone clicks on an ad on your site they are taken to a landing page with gives them more information about your business. Then if they are still interested and continue on to visit the advertisers site you get paid. In Google's program you get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad on your site. The double click policy favors advertisers who can now get pre-qualified site visitors at the publisher's expense. This is the response I sent to Adhearus upon hearing about this new policy.

My Response Below...

I have been featuring your ads on my site with poor results. Needless to say Google is much more profitable. Now you want to change the click-thru process to qualify the leads to the ad sponsors.

This is not fair, plus you are putting yourself on a slippery slope. This is why.

Your ads will not experience the click through rates of Google ads because they are image ads and not contextual. Link ads are more effective on the web because they are what makes the web work.

Surfing the web by links is the Internet's first killer app.

Secondly since the click through rates for graphic advertising like banners and skyscrapers are below 0.5% in comparison to text link ads (about 2% or 3%) in most industries it is common knowledge that graphic ads are not good for direct response.

But graphic ads are great for branding. Many companies will now use your advertising as free branding and therefore you and I will get paid less, or not a all for our ad inventory. This is what you are doing with letting advertisers get a click from our site and then getting free exposure to a landing page with a description.

Now these advertisers are getting double brand exposure for free.

And I am footing the bill for free double branding for your advertisers. If your advertisers can't convert people from the click-throughs that is their problem. I shouldn't have to provide them free double brand exposure!

First of all only 1% - 3% of site visitors will ever become customers for any business, the first time landing on their sites (and these are ideal numbers from any direct marketing). Your advertisers should know this plus they should be offering something for free to cultivate these site visitors into eventual customers over time.

Why should we publishers have to offer free advertising inventory to advertisers who don't understand the Internet sales process. This is why I only put your ads on a few of my pages. First I want to see if I'll ever get paid. Second policies that you are employing are potentially abusive.

Can you imagine a company that decides to use your program as a cheap way to get free double exposure image and brand advertising all over the Internet. They could make their company logo a major brand visible all over the Internet without paying any money to your or me.

I raise these questions because my background is in media and advertising. Many of your other publishers may not be familiar with branding and image advertising. Therefore they may not understand the potential problems with your new system.

If you are a technical or customer service person who first reads this can you pass my comments on to the marketing department. Hopefully the can understand the full ramifications of what I am talking about.

If your ads continue to perform poorly, especially with this new system I will pull them off of the few pages that they are on. Everybody knows in advertising the role of the publisher is to provide visibility for the advertiser, it is not our responsibility to convert the site visitor into a customer. If they can't do it I shouldn't have to give them free ad inventory.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Amazon Steps into the Search Engine Race

Search, one of the Internet's Killer Apps has become a very lucrative business. The major search engines are making billions of dollars in income. Therefore, it is no surprise that Amazon is getting into the search business with its search engine A9. Recently Amazon has been offering additional discounts to is shoppers who surf over to buy from them from their A9 search engine. What will all this mean for the convergence of shopping and search? This is a developing story that I will be keeping tabs on in future months. To read more about this development: Click Here

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Microsoft Delays Longhorn's Desktop and Internet Search Feature


In a move that will help Yahoo! and Google breath easier about the web based search applications business for now, Microsoft is delaying its desktop search facility. Microsoft's desktop search feature could eventually make web based search obsolete. Yahoo and Google will continue to diversify into the Internet service space like web mail, web site affiliate advertising, and online shopping.

Microsoft will release its long-awaited update to its Windows operating system in 2006 without its advanced file search capability, the company said last week. The company said the new operating system, code named Longhorn, would come without WinFS, a system designed to search for information scattered throughout a computer in different file types. Microsoft was expected to combine desktop search with the Web search engine it is also building. Instead, it will release a test version of WinFS with Longhorn, in a delay the company characterized as a "tradeoff" for making the operating system available quickly. To Read more Click Here

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Local Search becoming More Important!

For those business owners who once felt that the Internet wasn't necessary for their local business please take note of the following article. More and more people are using the Internet to find local business services in their area. Now is the time to learn to utilize the Internet for your local business. This Article is courtesy Direct Marketer News


Consumers increasingly are searching online for local businesses, but how will local businesses take advantage of this fundamental shift in customer behavior? The Internet has affected almost every facet of business and has driven the creation of new business models while forcing the evolution of others, writes Click4Talk's Dave Landa. Traditional printed yellow pages and local commerce are being drawn headlong into the Internet vortex. The surge in online local searches by consumers relative to traditional printed phone book searches has prompted tremendous business focus in this space. To Read More Click here To Learn how to optimize you site for the search engines in your local area Click Here. If you need help in optimizing your web pages take a look at our services Click Here

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Top Listings in Search Engines Drive Site Traffic

The following article gives you an idea of how valuable top rankings on search engines are. Kamau

Marketers with listings ranked at the top of search results pages receive much more traffic to their sites than those just a spot below, according to a new study. The research, released by aQuantive's Atlas Institute yesterday, found that Internet traffic decreases as keyword rankings drop. Overall, a top ranking generates 10 times the traffic as a spot at No. 10, Atlas said. Traffic was found to drop 10 percent for each drop in rank. "A lot of [marketers'] strategies are driven by their intuition, which tells them the No. 1 ranking is the best to be in," said Young-Bean Song, director of analytics at the Atlas Institute. "What they don't know specifically is what the tradeoffs really are." http://www.dmnews.com/cgi-bin/artprevbot.cgi?article_id=29458

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Google is expanding its Adsense format to allow for up to 3 ad units!

Google, in a move to starve off competition to its Adsense program will now allow up to 3 ad units on web pages. Adsense is a way for publishers to make money on advertising inventory on their web sites. This will be good news to publishers I am sure but bad news to advertising upstarts. Why would publishers go with relatively unknown companies when they can make money with Google? We'll keep an eye on the future developments of Adsense and other advertising programs. Kamau's Search Engine Plan Blog

Thanks to Generous Co-sponsors The Web Marketing Workshops will Offer Lower Rates!

I am happy to announce my negotiations with some tech companies to help sponsor The Web Marketing Workshop in the Fall. This will mean sharp reductions in tuitions for Attendees. Please join the newsletter or visit this Blog to get the latest information on this development.

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

The Search Engine Plan Blog is Open for Business!
I wanted to thank all the Attendees of the Web Marketing Preview in NYC for their participation on August 25th. Sorry I am just thanking people now but as many of you may have realized from my last email I recently moved my home/office and my Internet and phone service are yet to be worked out. Therefore, I am postponing the Web Marketing Workshop in NYC to October 29th and 30th in NYC.
Furthermore due to generous sponsorships I will be able to reduce the tuition for the upcoming Workshop.