Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Local Search becoming More Important!

For those business owners who once felt that the Internet wasn't necessary for their local business please take note of the following article. More and more people are using the Internet to find local business services in their area. Now is the time to learn to utilize the Internet for your local business. This Article is courtesy Direct Marketer News


Consumers increasingly are searching online for local businesses, but how will local businesses take advantage of this fundamental shift in customer behavior? The Internet has affected almost every facet of business and has driven the creation of new business models while forcing the evolution of others, writes Click4Talk's Dave Landa. Traditional printed yellow pages and local commerce are being drawn headlong into the Internet vortex. The surge in online local searches by consumers relative to traditional printed phone book searches has prompted tremendous business focus in this space. To Read More Click here To Learn how to optimize you site for the search engines in your local area Click Here. If you need help in optimizing your web pages take a look at our services Click Here

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