Thursday, September 16, 2004

Microsoft Delays Longhorn's Desktop and Internet Search Feature


In a move that will help Yahoo! and Google breath easier about the web based search applications business for now, Microsoft is delaying its desktop search facility. Microsoft's desktop search feature could eventually make web based search obsolete. Yahoo and Google will continue to diversify into the Internet service space like web mail, web site affiliate advertising, and online shopping.

Microsoft will release its long-awaited update to its Windows operating system in 2006 without its advanced file search capability, the company said last week. The company said the new operating system, code named Longhorn, would come without WinFS, a system designed to search for information scattered throughout a computer in different file types. Microsoft was expected to combine desktop search with the Web search engine it is also building. Instead, it will release a test version of WinFS with Longhorn, in a delay the company characterized as a "tradeoff" for making the operating system available quickly. To Read more Click Here

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