Friday, October 29, 2004

Always on Top - New Book by Kamau Austin on Search Engine Promotion and Internet Marketing

Link to Always on Top Book

I am wrapping it up on my new book on Search Engine Promotion and Internet marketing called "Always on Top"! My book coach Walt Goodridge is really pushing me to complete this book by this Monday.

It will be different from other books on search engine propelled Internet marketing, because it focuses on the online sales process.

Moreover, it teaches you how to use your search engine knowledge to become a Searchpreneur©. What is a Searchpreneur© you ask? It is an original term I developed to describe:" an entrepreneur that uses their specialized knowledge of search engine applications and algorithms to launch and profit from online traffic.

Please note: this is different from a SEO or search engine marketer that profits from optimizing other people's web sites.

Also I developed the S.E.E.M.E.™ (Search Engine Efficiently Maximized E-business) system of promoting your web site.

I explain to you why now is the time to get serious about selling your products and services online. You also learn ways of expanding your business by making additional sources of income with your web site even in niche markets.

You don't need a Gazillion people visiting your web site any more (although good traffic helps) but you do need a good search engine plan to spring board your efforts.

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