Saturday, September 11, 2004

Google is expanding its Adsense format to allow for up to 3 ad units!

Google, in a move to starve off competition to its Adsense program will now allow up to 3 ad units on web pages. Adsense is a way for publishers to make money on advertising inventory on their web sites. This will be good news to publishers I am sure but bad news to advertising upstarts. Why would publishers go with relatively unknown companies when they can make money with Google? We'll keep an eye on the future developments of Adsense and other advertising programs. Kamau's Search Engine Plan Blog

Thanks to Generous Co-sponsors The Web Marketing Workshops will Offer Lower Rates!

I am happy to announce my negotiations with some tech companies to help sponsor The Web Marketing Workshop in the Fall. This will mean sharp reductions in tuitions for Attendees. Please join the newsletter or visit this Blog to get the latest information on this development.

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

The Search Engine Plan Blog is Open for Business!
I wanted to thank all the Attendees of the Web Marketing Preview in NYC for their participation on August 25th. Sorry I am just thanking people now but as many of you may have realized from my last email I recently moved my home/office and my Internet and phone service are yet to be worked out. Therefore, I am postponing the Web Marketing Workshop in NYC to October 29th and 30th in NYC.
Furthermore due to generous sponsorships I will be able to reduce the tuition for the upcoming Workshop.