Saturday, November 06, 2004

Google Buys 3D Map Service Keyhole to Enhance its Local Search Capabilities

In an obvious move to increase and enhance its local search capabilities Google, has purchased a 3D map service called Keyhole. Keyhole will no doubt make the local search for information (20% of all online searches) a more rich experience.

Keyhole's technology purports to make photo-realistic maps of local areas from satellite and airplane photos. People can use this advanced mapping technology to find things like cafes, restaurants, or museums in a neighborhood. It sounds like very exciting and promising technology.

This will really take local search to the next level. This is an area of Internet marketing that is really beginning to take off. To see more about how this technology works: Click Here

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Many Search Engine Marketers are considered unsophisticated by Jupiter Research

A recent article by Jupiter Research reveals that most search engine marketers are "unsophisticated". This is because there seems to be a lot of people not measuring the success of their search engine marketing campaigns. There are different ways of doing this and many site statistic software or apps calculate conversion ratios and other stats. This is a very important article to read for Searchpreneurs and SEO's a like. Click here to: Read More

Google Outsources the Selling of Local Search

It is a very important development that Google has outsourced the selling of local search PPC programs to Bell South. Bell South has a large sales force that can sell search advertising face-2-face to local businesspeople and merchants.

In other words Internet search will become a significant marketing strategy for local business. This is significant because 20% of searches online are for local information. Twenty percent (20%) is a huge amount of searches. If you once thought your local business didn't need to be on the Internet, it is time to get a reality check.

Your competitors will soon be introduced to the importance of local search via sales consultants from Bell South and other advertising rep firms. Don't get caught behind the 8 ball on local search. To read more about the local search trend: Click Here

Additional Vital Stats: 14 Billion dollars made in local advertising. Projected to go to 2.5 Billion by 2008 - 2009 (Jupiter Metrix).