Saturday, November 13, 2004

Microsoft Unleashes New Search Engine

If there is money to be made with a computer Microsoft will eventually produce a product or service for that industry. Thursday Microsoft unleashed its new search engine. It has been reported to have some problems with it, although I took a look at my rankings in the new search engine and it seems to rank me quite well. I personally welcome Microsoft into the search engine game. I think competition is good for the consumers. I think Yahoo and Microsoft will keep Google honest which was getting ridiculous with all its filters and de-ranking operatives. I think it will create more competitive ways and bring down some prices in search advertising. I think competition is good for the search industry because Google was becoming like a monopoly. To find out more about getting good rankings in Microsoft's new search engine attend my next teleclass: Click Here

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Google Launches Ad Pros Program for Interactive Agency's and Sales Reps

For people who have experience and expertise in setting up Google Adwords PPC campaign, you can now get paid to help other business person setup their accounts. 63% of businesses are still not online. With the growth of local search a lot of local businesses will need to develop an Internet marketing strategy because of the convergence and confluence of the online world with search and the offline world. Selling search engine advertising might be a good business for Internet marketers with PPC advertising experience. To find out what it takes the see the following article: Click Here. To learn how to do a proper PPC campaign check out my book "Always on Top": Click Here

Microsoft Enters the Search Engine Market Today

Microsoft is getting ready to go head to head with search engine giants Yahoo and Google. It is purported to release the first version of its search engine today. To read more about this development: Click Here. Get some background information by: Clicking Here To learn more about how the search engine can increase your business: Click Here.