Wednesday, December 08, 2004

See this Article on the Importance of using Keywords in Blogs for SEO.

We are always talking about the love of Blogs by Search Engines. This is because blogs can provide fresh and important content for many Internet users. So of the top search engine experts publish a newsletter which has a great article on the subject. Click Here for: The article on Keywords and Blogs

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Should Search Engines Companies Sell SEO services?

Two search engine companies (Ask Jeeves and Lycos) are getting into the SEO business. This has raised eyebrows in the search engine marketing business about whether is a conflict of interest between a Search Engine Company doing SEO work. Traditionally there has been a dynamic and sometimes creative friction between the search engines and SEO companies. Some feel it is a natural evolution for search engines to offer SEO services in order that search engines can generate further income from their web applications. One of my favorite SEO experts Shari Thurow discusses the pros and cons of this new development in search engine marketing. To read more of her insights: Click Here

President Clinton Helps Springboard Promotion of New Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Accoona

New Search Engine Upstart Accoona spring-boarded its promotion to the public with an appearance of President Bill Clinton. This was obviously a smart move since much of the media picked up the event. The launching of yet another search engine would be ho-hum news if it wasn't for the recent IPO success of Internet Icon Google. However this new business search engine claims its artificial intelligence will help it become smarter as time goes on and will offer better results than Google. Seeing is believing... so I'll see if I can give the new search engine a spin.

If you would like to find out more about Accoona: Click Here

City Search Launches Pay Per Call and further Converges Online and Offline Marketing!

As if we needed another reason to consider offline marketing as much as online marketing. Online service City Search has joined Findwhat in introducing Pay Per Call advertising to primarily local merchants. Pay Per Call is using Online search services to get people to call local businesses rather than just visiting web sites. Many business people have been resistant to online advertising not knowing whether the medium is a good one for their businesses.

Now they will no longer need a web site to get search engine traffic because they can have a phone number as their response tool. Since the value of a phone call to these local businesses is worth more than a click the cost is a least 10 times that of pay per click advertising. Where a pay per click ad may run 5 cents a click pay per call ads may run $3 to $5 dollars a call. $5 dollars a call is expensive (so is 5 cents a call for that matter $50 CPM). We'll see if local businesses will go for such expensive advertising.

To read the rest of this article: Click Here

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Check Out this Great Article on Keyword Research and Usage

The following link is to an Article on Keyword Research and its importance in Search Engine Marketing. I was impressed with its clarity and information. Please check it out: by Clicking Here

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