Monday, December 13, 2004

Google Suggestion Tool is Dynamic but Will Change Keyword Research

Google recently released its beta of a new search tool. When you type something into a search box it creates a drop down list of alternate keywords and the number of sites with relevant information to the keyword phrase. I tested the feature on Google and found it very helpful although not totally ready for prime time.

While this is a great feature it throws a whole new dynamic into the mix of search engine marketing. Before now you did keyword research on how users search the web. Now Google will be making suggestions to users on how they might search the web. Therefore, if you target your SEO towards a niche market that you have done keyword research on, you now have to do your keyword research on an ongoing basis (keeping in view the Google keyword suggestion box).

If you do a good deal of your keyword research based on the Overture site suggestion tool, you will now have to realize the searches on Google will be different from other search engines. This will be the case because search with Google will no longer be driven by the SE user but also Google's Suggestion Tool. This is a very important development that I will keep my eyes on.

To check out the new Google Suggestion Go Here

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