Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Can eBay, Yahoo!, Google and the Major Search Engines Help You Finance Your Business?

Ebay Power Seller Stephanie McIntyre
"The eBay Sales Queen"

Owner of E Sales Unlimited who has sold over $150,000 on Ebay!

Many of my site visitors and ezine subscribers ask me: "how do I get the money I need to grow or expand my business? Usually they want to know about business grants and loans.

While we do feature a lot of free information on this site about getting grants and loans. They require filling out forms, business plans, due diligence and sponsors in the very least. While they are challenging and difficult to obtain, did you know many people (tens of thousands) of people are making fulltime livings with homebased businesses by selling on eBay?

Even major corporations are using eBay to sell their products and services. You owe it to the future of your business to at least explore if eBay can help you expand or finance your business with direct auction sales.

eBay and Search Engines Drive 91% of the Over 300 Billion Dollars in Internet Sales...

Are you getting your far share of this business?

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