Monday, March 28, 2005

Accelerate Your Google Adsense Earnings with These Tips by Joel Comm.

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I read too many books on Internet marketing it seems some times. While many of these books are very insightful few can make an overnight impact in your online revenues. However recently I read a book by Joel Comm that delivered the results big time in literally minutes!

I am very skeptical about books that I read that guarantee fast results. Most Internet strategies and tactics require a lot of implementation and consistency to work. When I downloaded Joel's book and only saw less than eighty pages of information I thought to myself "here we go again" with some web marketer pumping out some short ebook with little content and charging almost $80 dollars.

Quite frankly I became even more skeptical when I saw that the changes he suggested were very small and just a nuance of difference to what I had been doing with Adsense. However, I decided to give the book's directives and suggestions a little try. This is because Joel claims to make over $15,000 dollars a month in Adsense revenue!. Plus he has a lot of very well respected Internet publishers giving testimonials (and not the usual marketing tycoons).

Reluctantly I started to create Google ad templates and some channels enlightened by the book and within minutes of installing the changes I noticed that my click-through rate on my Google ads increased by 40% on my most popular web pages! Totally incredulous I needed no more proof so I started to install the new Adsense changes informed by Joel's book to as many of my web pages and sites as possible. A week later my sites are experiencing a 100% increase in Adsense click-through rates and I had doubled my Adsense income in less than a week! My Adsense click-through rates were decent before but now they are much better.

Now I have much more focus and determination to target even more lucrative keywords to create virtual real estate and online digital assets. If you are looking for a way to increase the advertising income of your website this book in a must. I made my money back within a few days after purchasing this book. If you want a detailed book on increasing your search engine traffic and advertising income purchase my book "Always on Top"!

If you want a basic beginner's book on Adsense I would purchase "The Definite Guide to Google Adsense" first, then purchase Joel's Book. "What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense!" is one of the best web marketing purchases I made all year.

Adsense Book by Joel Comm

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