Thursday, March 24, 2005

Podcasting A New Trend in Web Publishing

Internet Pioneer James Maduk

Internet Pioneer James Maduk

One of today's most innovative and successful Internet Gurus is James Maduk. James was the first to introduce Whiteboard session training to Internet marketing on a more popular level. Maduk has been touting the use of Podcasting as the next big thing in Internet marketing communication. Podcasting is delivering audio messages to Internet users in RSS feeds. RSS is a way to syndicate website content to other sites and RSS readers on people's desktops and browsers.

James Maduk delivers his podcast via his Blog.

Podcasting does seem to hold great promise when keeping in contact with your site visitors or subscribers (especially since email marketing is being eroded by spam filters). You can find out more about James Maduk and Podcasting by clicking here: James Maduk on Podcasting

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