Thursday, March 24, 2005

SEO Diva Shari Thurow Discusses SEO Spam

SEO Diva Shari Thurow

If you want to rise to the top of the search engines by doing the right thing you must read the article by Shari Thurow the enlightening author of Search Engine Visibility. Shari is one of my favorite "whitehat" SEOs. She insists on using "best practice" SEO techniques to create search engine friendly pages. Shari and her colleague Jill Whalen (the tell it like it is publisher of "High Rankings Advisor"), advocate using SEO in a way that makes the search engines more relevant.

Shari doesn't condone using underhanded tricks (also known as SEO spam) to obtain high rankings. I concur with her because I stick with best practice SEO and it has helped me stay in the good graces with the Googles and Yahoos of the world. Many people know to stay away from hidden text, cloaked pages, and keyword stuffing. However there are now more current ways to spam the search engines.

Shari identifies 19 types of SEO spam including: keyword stacking; keyword stuffing; hidden text; tiny text; hidden links; link farms; page swapping (bait and switch); redirects; mirror/duplicate content; doorway/gateway pages; cloaking; gibberish; domain spam; mini/micro-sites; typo spam and cybersquatting; affiliate spam; blog/forum spam; and CSS spam.

Shari discusses this in a recent article. Read SEO Spam Article by Shari

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