Monday, March 28, 2005

Willie Crawford "the King of Pay-Per-Click" Slated to Teach Next -- Sell Online in Record Time Seminar!

Willie Crawford considered one of the Internet's most respected and well liked Internet Marketing Gurus is working with me on the planning stages of my "Sell Online in Record Time Seminars"! Willie became very successful selling a soul food cookbook online and has expanded his expertise into all aspects of Internet marketing.

Picture of Willie Crawford

Willie is considered one of the foremost experts on pay-per-click advertising. He will have much to share in New York June 25th 2005 on selling more of your products quickly and efficiently. You can get a taste of the Sell Online in Record Time Seminars April 27th at Independence Community Bank in Manhattan.

Willie will help you boost your business by Sharing...

  • How to Set Up an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign

  • Using Advanced Tools to Propel Your Ad Campaigns

  • Strategies to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates

The focus of the seminars is to get your sales efforts up to speed with two of the Internet's most important sales channels the Search Engines and eBay.

Click here to find out about the preview event with Stephanie McIntyre "the eBay Sales Sensation". Click Here

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