Monday, July 18, 2005

Myth # 1 about Search Engine Marketing: Google Does No Harm.

I am going to try to put together a blog that includes 99 myths about search engine marketing. The first myth is Google is run like some open source company only interested in making the web easier to use. If you fall for this one I have the Brooklyn Bridge I would like to sell you.

Wake up guys! Google is a publicly traded corporation with an obligation to make a profit for its shareholders. It is interested in selling advertising and less in relevant results. Google knows that very few people look beyond the first two or three pages of its results any way. Therefore it only has to provide good results for 15 - 30 positions for any search term. It seems to be favoring a diverse result base for these coverts positions sprinkled with some ecommerce, government, and nonprofit websites (although not necessarily in this order). Actually you have to use the sponsored results many times to find viable products and services in any category.

This strategy works best for Google's bottomline whether it delivers the best results in its search queries or not. I have decided not to be nice and think Google is my friend if I create great content. Google is a gatekeeper plain and simple and the sooner you learn to use her or get around her the better.

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