Friday, July 22, 2005

Myth # 5 About Search Engine Marketing - Top Rankings will Translate into Higher Sales.

While it is true that more traffic generated to your website exposes your ebusiness to more leads or potential customers it does not guarantee more sales. Your site has to be able to convert site visitors into customers. Usually the sales process starts out first seeing if you can convince a percentage of site visitors to opt-in to a quality free offer that you make available to them.

If you can't first sell them a free quality product in exchange for their email, you more than likely can't sell them something they spend their money on. However, a site with more search engine visitors will give you the ability to try and test more sales conversion strategies in a shorter amount of time.

Search engine traffic is important to a business but you have to tweak and test ways to turn those site visitors into customers and long term clients.

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