Thursday, July 21, 2005

Scaper Sites and the Fight for Virtual Real Estate

As noted by leading Internet Marketer John Reese, websites have become digital assets in a way not achieved before because of Google Adsense. Reese has therefore started calling websites "virtual real estate". Virtual real estate are digital assets and similar to "real" estate because they generate residual income 24/7.

Many marketers small and great are littering the Internet with Adsense generating sites totally created automatically. Many are creating directory type sites with the primary purpose of making money with Google Adsense. They use software like "Directory Generator" to go to your site and take basic information about your site to create Internet directories like "Hub Sites" that rank well in the search engines.

Since they take information from other sites to create a bogus directory they are known as "scaper sites". These sites enable a person with no interest in a particular subject to build directory like sites in days to rank well in the search engines. Of course on the top of these sites they display Google Adsense ads. I understand Google will be trying to derank these types of sites in the future as another form of SEO spam.

The sites seem to be causing problems for publishers with a passion for a topic problems in two ways: 1. They are getting high rankings and causing more legit publishers to lose Adsense money; 2. They are littering the Internet with useless duplicate content.

Furthermore, since Google seems to be deranking sites with too many outgoing links in relationship to other content( to try to get a handle on the situation), it is hurting publishers that sell links or link more liberally. In any event I can't wait for the scaper sites to be neutralized by the search engines. If scaper sites are beginning to bite into your profits may be you should consider reporting them to Google as spam.

Once again we have people who don't want to really work, screwing things up for the rest of us who want to create good content.

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