Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Myth # 10 About Search Engine Marketing - Keyword Density is Crucial to Top Search Engine Rankings

While it is true that keyword research is the cornerstone search engine optimization, many people incorrectly put too much focus on keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage that your keywords appear on your pages in ratio to the other words on your site.

Keywords of course are the search terms that your prospects enter into a search box on Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo! or other search engines to find products or services in your related industry or business sector.

You have to know how your Internet prospects are searching in order to better optimize your website for search engine driven Internet traffic. Once you know how your prospects query or search the search engines, you can place these search terms on your web pages strategically in a way that helps the search engines find and rank your site.

However, search engines are becoming better at keyword stemming (finding words close to the search terms people use to return relevant results). Plus because search engines know webmasters can use tactics to inflate keyword density, therefore they put more credence on what other sites infer about your site.

In short the SEs put more weight on what's known as "off the page factors" like link popularity, link reputation, VIPS, and PageRank to rank your site. It isn't just what you indicate on your site that tells the search engines about the relevancy about your site, but what other sites in your industry say about your site.

Ultimately your site has to have a good number of links from other related high quality sites in order obtain a top ranking on the search engines. Unless of course you are in a business with little search engine competition or marketing savvy.

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