Monday, August 08, 2005

Myth # 8 About Search Engine Marketing - If I am a Celebrity I don't Need SEO work.

While it is true that if you are a major media celebrity people will go to the web and type your name as a to find you, there are literary tens of millions of searches on the search engines for major media celebrities. Any smart marketer or SEO could optimize fan or eCommerce sites around celebrities and clean up selling products - services - or advertising using a celebrity name.

For example take a major pop celebrity like Britney Spears. Presently she gets over 2,698,874 searches a month just on the Overture network alone.

Britney easily gets over 3.5 million searches online every month. Internet marketers could easily create sites selling posters, CDs, Reviews, Books, advertising and make lots of money around Ms. Spears.

In other words a whole Internet economy could be built on her name. Ms. Spears would get little of these profits, unless she got a team of web designers, developers, and SEO's to build and maintain an optimized site for her.

By developing a organically optimized site she could get the most web visibility and financial opportunity based on the celebrity of her name.

In other words the more visibility a celebrity gets from traditional media, the more they should be using a SEO driven website as a sales channel to leverage the financial prowess of their personal brand.

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