Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Rap On the Reese Report - My Review of the John Reese Membership Site

The Rap on the Reese Report by Kamau Austin

After 8 months in Publication does the Highly Heralded Reese Report Live Up to its Hype?

Internet Marketer Extraordinaire

John Reese

Disclosure: Please note there is presently no affiliate program for the Reese Report. The purpose of this review is a balanced critique of this membership service.

If you have been marketing online for the last couple of years you probably have heard of John Reese. Reese is easily considered one of the top Internet Information marketers today. John Reese had been doing business online before its commercial usage. Reese reveals he "had his share of hits and misses online". As the story goes in his early forays into eCommerce he lost a lot of money. Finally he seemed to get an epiphany that he should stop being so creative and start following in the footsteps of people and businesses that were already successful.

Today John claims when people ask him what he does he tells them "I sell what people are buying"! These of course are the insights of the quintessential marketer. Click Here to See More of the Reese Report Review


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