Friday, October 21, 2005

Free SEO Tools

Search Engine Guide has a great article on free SEO Tools. I use some paid and some free SEO tools. Many Free Tools are better or as good as the paid ones professional SEOs use.

But before you visit the Search Engine Guide Article I have three great SEO software apps and resources I would like to recommend.

If you are new to search engine marketing and optimization you may consider reading my book on search engine marketing strategy called: Always On Top

- Three Other Free Tools I would suggest are: Good Keywords the Latest Version 2.0

- Wordtracker and Google's collaboration to find viable Niche markets Nichebot

- Adsense forecast and keyword cross reference tools brought to you by Digital Point Solutions you can check out these tools at: SEO Tools

I search engine marketing you have to have the understanding and tactics of search engine marketing and also then strategy. Read more of this insightful search engine article at: Bill Hartzer

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