Monday, November 14, 2005

Demystifying Blogs and RSS

As reported last week Blogs and RSS Feeds aren't just tools that let you express yourself or position yourself as an opinionated personality in your market niche. Blogs and RSS help you position yourself as an aide and guide to search engine traffic.

Blogs and RSS help you build wider and deeper content to win the search engine lottery. They give you the ability to have more tickets in the search engines and take up more shelf space like Coke and Pepsi take up all the shelf space in your local supermarket.

However Blogs and RSS Feeds are some of the hardest things to understand because usually the information offered up on marketing with these content management and distribution tools is written by geeks serving up alphabet soup.

In my next blog I will discuss a fast way to get around this clutter and become an expert blogger and RSS maven in an Internet minute.

A good multimedia ebook to get on the subject is Brandon Hong's : Marketing Rampage with RSS

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