Saturday, November 19, 2005

Review of Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS

Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS written by Brandon Hong
Review by Kamau Austin

Are blogs and RSS indispensable for your web publishing going forward? If blogs and RSS feeds live up to the marketing hype Brandon Hong has created a must have multimedia publication.

After extensive observation and testing (with information gleaned from Brandon’s multimedia ebook) I am now finally convinced blogs and RSS feeds are real deal web marketing tools. Blogs and their distribution channels RSS feeds could be the fastest and easiest way to "win the search engine lottery"!

Therefore, Brandon Hong a former Physics teacher by way of Singapore, may have developed one of the most important digital publications this year.

His multimedia ebook engages more of our senses for learning a pretty technical subject. Hong cuts through the hype and clutter with his demonstrative screen capture informed digital publication.

In short Brandon makes plain the confusing insights of geeks speaking and serving alphabet soup on this insider subject. Although a blogger for over 2 years until now I have been totally mystified by how to get RSS feeds set up for my blogs.

You have no doubt heard about the phenomenal growth and popularity of blogs and RSS feeds. Blogs are web publishing systems which give us an easy way to create web pages in real time. RSS feeds are a way to share the headlines of your blog with others without them having to visit your website or blog.

RSS feeds can then expose your headlines far beyond the borders of your web blog and tantalize others to visit your blog now and often.

Blogs are the perfect way to create lots of written content online. Blogs imminently will host audio and video content delivered within its XML format called Podcasting.

Blogs started out as digital diaries by Internet reality types. In this regard blog posts are usually date stamped and archived in chronological order -- all automatically.

Think of original blogs as the Internet version of reality TV where you reveal to both friends and strangers a slice of your life.

Despite its some what voyeuristic beginnings, today the automated building of a blog website with plenty of deep content has captured the imagination of web marketers and eCommerce types. This is because of the ability of the blog to draw plenty of search engine driven Internet traffic.

Search engines love plenty of useful and constantly updated website content. Blogs build content in profusion. Blogs gives journalists and Internet publishers the ability to publish at "the speed of thought."

While blogs give us the ability to publish with speed and power, RSS feeds help us distribute the content of our blogs widely across cyberspace. Other websites and major web portals like MSN and Yahoo! can feature and showcase our blog headlines to millions of potential readers and subscribers.

The ability to attract the search engine spiders and blog pinging services with fresh content makes blogs and RSS feeds an efficient media combination for power web marketing. This is why Hong’s book has a timely title "Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS".

Brandon’s multimedia ebook is only 68 pages in length but boasts at least 42 screen capture videos where he guides you effortlessly into the secrets of blog and RSS explanation - setup - and success. Plus he gives you bonus videos and blog templates when you obtain his info-product.

If Mr. Hong solely had written a book with this information it would easily been 300 pages and you probably wouldn’t understand the as subject matter as well.

Kudos to Brandon for deciding to explain this confusing subject matter in such an easily digestible way. If you are a busy Internet business person like myself you want to understand information quick and easily without taking months to understand a new technology.

I have read many articles on blogs and RSS feeds but most totally confuse me. Much of the information seems to be written by techie types that cloud the subject with so much jargon you can get totally demoralized trying to decipher their inside code words.

Within minutes of viewing Hong’s screen capture videos you should be well on your way to becoming a blog and RSS expert. Brandon covers all the bases in explaining what blogs and RSS feeds are and easy ways to get them going for free!

Most Importantly he shows you how to get around all the competing RSS and XML formats (which can totally confuse you) and which free services are best to publish your blogs and RSS feeds. Investing in his multimedia ebook is a small price to pay to get all this information and save yourself time and a headache in the process.

After seeing his lessons and listening to the audio I can now put together a blog and RSS feed in less than 30 minutes and begin having it listed on MSN and Yahoo! Mind you these are free listings. Plus blogs and RSS feeds have helped increase my Internet traffic by over 20% beyond my traditional search engine traffic.

If you finally want to understand and grow your business with blog and RSS search engine driven traffic download this valuable ebook now. To find out more about Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS feeds visit: Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS

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