Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Getting Good Links One Way Links -- a Great Article by Jennifer Laycock

I recently read an insightful article by Jennifer Laycock on getting good one-way links from other sites. This article is very timely to read because the weight of reciprocal linking is really falling off, in respect to obtaining good link popularity by the search engines.

Jennifer focuses on many of the basics of getting one-way links like articles and directory links but she also introduces some new considerations like RSS feeds (all the talk these days) and other things like product reviews, photo galleries, free tools, and cut and paste code inspired by donation sites.

Ms. Laycock brilliantly suggests doing product reviews of products of established companies and inviting them to link to the reviews on your site. This would of course provide links back to your site from companies with significant traffic and PageRank in Google's algorithm.

Please note: although PageRank doesn't have the weight it once held in Google's ranking system it is still a factor.

She also suggests syndicating your content with RSS feeds because other sites may begin to link to your pages because of your feeds. There are also great directories to list your blog and RSS feeds.

Here is a great article on RSS directories and why they are important: Top 55 RSS and Blog Listing Directories

Jennifer also gives some creative advice on using your own picture galleries to draw inbound links in exchange for use of photos. In similar fashion she also talks about creating web applications or software tools that can be hosted on your site. You would of course consider doing this because inbound links and website traffic would result because you are offering important functionality to your industry. An example of this would be the SEO tools like at Overture, Digital Point, or even mortgage or investment calculators used by real estate and investment brokers respectively.

I would suggest taking the time to read and learn from Ms. Laycock's article: SEO One Way Link Article

Vision Based Page Segmentation Towards a New Way to Evaluate Links

Vision Based Page Segmentation Towards a New Way to Evaluate Links

As many of you know link reputation and link popularity are two very important ways search engines evaluate your web page for rankings in their algorithms. Link popularity deals with how many other sites link to your site while link reputation focuses on what the links to your site say about your web page (usually in anchor text).

Gone are the days that you can just setup a reciprocal link campaign and drive your web pages to the top of the rankings. Google is becoming really hard to optimize your site for because of all the filters and criteria it uses to evaluate your "on-the-page" and "off-the-page" SEO work.

In short the bar on all your SEO and linking patterns are always being raised by the top search engines.

A new development in this regard is a very interesting theory soon to be used to some degree by the search engines (SEs) called Vision-based Page Segmentation or VIPs.
Vision Based Page Segmentation Towards a New Way to Evaluate Links

A new development in this regard is a very interesting theory soon to be used to some degree by the search engines (SEs) call Vision-based Page Segmentation or VIPs. VIPs is an outgrowth of some of the work of researchers Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Ro Wen, and Wei-Ying in a paper entitled "Block-Level Link Analysis".

To get to the crux of the matter VIPs will go way beyond anchor text describing your web pages link reputation and off-the-page relevance, by looking at the blocks of content around your links from other sites. It will be able to give less weight to blocks on web pages linking to yours in link navigation schemes (because it will know that these are obvious advertising links) and put more weight on content surrounding your links coming from content blocks (like usually middle columns).

Once VIPs is fully implemented it will have huge consequences for the present link brokering business. If you heavily invest in link brokering to lift your link popularity you may have to put more of your money into writing articles, directory listings and online PR campaigns going forward to build your off-the-page SEO promotion.

The link to the whole article on VIPs will be found here to get more background on this development. Click here for more info on: VIPs