Monday, April 25, 2005

Do You have just 2 hours, to Discover the Secrets of Financial Freedom Online?

If you answered yes to the above question...

I wanted to make you aware or remind you of a great free event which will help you expand your businesses quickly and inexpensively using two of the most effective sales channels on the Internet today -- eBay and the Search Engines.

This is Kamau Austin, publisher of Search Engine Plan one of the Tri-state's top search engine marketing sites with "top listings on the major search engine results". However this was not always the case...

A few years ago I was so poor I couldn't afford a computer. I didn't even know how to login into Windows.

People once considered me a loser. I am the father of a child with special challenges and needless to say I needed a real serious income.

Then I learned to tap into the tremendous traffic power of the search engines, and now I run a fulltime web publishing and marketing business from the comfort of my new home. The search engines have helped me reach over 25,000 business professionals and entrepreneurs monthly with my websites and ezines.

I don't mention these facts to brag, I only mention them to inspire you that you too can achieve financial freedom online.

If you give us just two hours of your time, me and my co-presenter Stephanie McIntyre "the eBay Sales Queen" (who has generated over $150,000 in profitable sales on eBay) will help put you on the path to making a lifetime of financial income and freedom online.

Ebay Sales Maven Stephanie McIntyre

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn to "Sell Online in Record Time" by attending our eBay and Search Engine Power Sales Seminar because you could be losing at least 50% of your potential business to competitors who have an Internet marketing strategy.

Even major corporations are really focusing on these two great sales channels.

Plan to attend if you live in the NYC - NJ - Connecticut Tri-state area because...

- 47% of Internet Traffic is driven from the Search Engines (source: Emarketer).

- 91% of Internet Sales are first researched on Search Engines.

- Search Engine Traffic is the Best Free Way to Position your business for target ideal sales leads and customers.

- Search Engine Traffic is more Targeted and Receptive to Your Products and Services. This is the case because unlike traditional advertising search engine traffic is initiated by the customer.

- 20% of Search Engine queries are for local traffic. Twice as many people use search engines to find local businesses as do use the local yellow pages (sources Yahoo and Jupiter Research).

- Search Engines are the cornerstone of any Internet marketing campaign (I don't know any successful Internet marketer that doesn't have a search engine marketing component to their marketing).

- Search Engine traffic can be inexpensive or free and naturally monetized with strategies like Affiliate Marketing, Link Brokering, and Traditional Advertising.

- eBay is the Internet's Top Site to Sell Your Products and Services

- eBay has over 60 million registered users willing to buy products and services

- eBay offers low startup costs to market your products to a worldwide audience

- eBay has its own payment and ecommerce platform to empower you to make money even without a website!

Learn how to expand your business marketing with eBay, Google, and other search engines. Discover the inside secrets to expanding your business with the Internet's most effective sales channels. Attend at Independence Community Bank, 711 Third Ave. in Manhattan (btwn 44th and 45th St.), Wednesday April 27th 6PM-8PM. RSVP today toll free at 866-324-9669 or visit

P.S. - Delicious FREE food and refreshments will be available -- RSVP Now at 866-324-9669.