Monday, July 04, 2005

Virtual Real Estate and SEO work Hand and Hand!

I have been an original member of John Reese's membership site "The Reese Report". Some of you may be familiar with how John Reese was able to use joint ventures and advanced Internet marketing to achieve 1 million dollars in sales in 1 day. He made Internet history because 2 years ago John Reese was virtually unheard of in Internet marketing circles. Now any serious Internet marketer would be aware of his insights to some extent. John Reese has introduced the concept of virtual real estate.

Virtual real estate builds on the fact that your web site's traffic can be monetized with its natural themes like Google Adsense and with topical affiliate programs. One thing that becomes quite apparent is that in order to turn your website into valuable virtual real estate you will have to know a great deal about search engines. This is indeed a fact because search engines drive the lionshare of traffic to most websites that have any popularity and you need to know how to do search engine research to find out what virtual real estate would be worth building. If you would like to find out more about search engine optimization and monetizing your website go to: Always On Top