Thursday, July 28, 2005

Does Google Filter Sites for Good Grammar and Spelling?

Recently a Grammar and English expert wrote an article in which he opined how he noticed top ranking sites consistently seem to have well written content as a feature in common. He elaborated that top ranking sites seem to have few spelling and grammatical errors. Then he suggested many SEO obsessions like PageRank, and Keyword density just didn't hold up as priorities in SEO.

I concur with him on his most salient points like Google doesn't obviously pay much attention to PageRank anymore and Keyword density isn't as much of a concern either. His most important espoused point is a truism in my humble opinion, in that good grammar and spelling is important to the professionalism of a site.

Misspelled words and bad grammar is a good indication that you don't give attention to detail in your business. Many potential customers will also shy away from a site replete with spelling errors and terrible grammar. I don't know if Google has a spelling and grammar filter, perhaps they should - and this writer has given them a good idea to go along with their current crop of filters.

I certainly think, in the very least, you should run your written content through a spell and grammar checker as if Google has this filter already in place. It is the least you can do for your site visitors.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Myth #6 About Search Engine Marketing - The Point of Search Engine Marketing is MORE Traffic.

While many online marketers are obsessed with getting more and more search engine traffic and optimizing for keywords with countless searches the point of search engine marketing is getting more TARGETED traffic.

I know of some sites with 1/2 million site visitors a month but couldn't become profitable. This proves the point that site visitors "in and of themselves" won't necessarily translate into more sales. The point of your search engine research should be to find qualified web searchers who can eventually support your business financially.

Some times longer more specific keyword phrases will actually yield the leads you need in online surfers more than the highly competitive words with countless searches.