Thursday, September 01, 2005

How Does Aaron Wall's SEO Book Stackup?

Is Aaron's SEO Book the "Only Current SEO book on the Planet?"

Aaron Matthew Wall shows great aplomb and brilliance in his search engine marketing book entitled simply "SEO Book". I had not heard much of Aaron until I happened to stumble on to his book in my searching. The only reason I really took notice was because he had some great testimonials from leading SEO's and Internet marketers in the field. I am glad that I have found out about Mr. Wall, and will make his SEO book a part of my regular reading. See the Rest of the: Aaron Wall's SEO Book Review

Good Keywords has an Upgrade!

One of my favorite SEO tools Good Keywords just got an upgrade. Many SEO's have used Good Keywords for years.

This software is probably the the most useful FREE SEO software around. Good Keywords retrieves information from the Yahoo Marketing (former Overture) Keyword Suggestion Tool.

The new version lets you get more topical variant search information by double clicking the returned keyword phrases from the Suggestion Tool.

In other words you click on the returned keywords from the Yahoo (Overture) Suggestion Tool and you get more close variations to the keywords originally listed.

The other tools like the Link Popularity Checker and the Alexa ranking tools are working again (they seemed to stop working in the older software). Plus the software has a new interface.

Pick up a copy of version 2 at: