Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Google Bombing and Google Bowling, New Terms You Should Know

Two new terms Internet marketers should know being bandied about recently are Google bombing and Google Bowling.

Google bombing is the practice of totally optimizing a website off the page using anchor (or link text). As you may know Google puts a lot of ranking evaluation of your site by giving you credit from the links of other sites linking to your site.

This is sometimes called link popularity, backward, or backlinks. More importantly Google looks at the keywords in the link text describing your site to determine how relevant your site is to web surfers using those keywords.

In matter of fact you can get a lot of high ranking for a website without the keywords appearing on the web page itself because the keywords would actually be in the link text of sites linking to your site.

The practice of optimizing links pointing to a site to help it to rank better with link text is known as Google bombing.

Google Bowling

Google bowling is the new sinister practice of submitting your competitors to directories, link farms, and penalized sites to get them banned or dropped by Google. This is a weakness in Google's system that needs to be addressed.

In theory Google is only supposed to penalize or ban your site for linking schemes and bad neighborhoods that you link to and not sites that link to you. You can't really control who links to you.

However some sites claim that that they have been penalized by their competitors having sites Google frowns upon linking to them. If this is the case this is something website owners should press Google on to address and reverse.

It is a scary notion that your competitors can get your site banned with Google Bowling. Let's work to get Google to reverse this present oversight on their part.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Should SEO go Underground?

More and more Google is using filters, penalties, and outright banning to contain SEO efforts. More recently it was reported Google was looking to hire search engine marketing firms. This may be an attempt learn SEO strategies and tactics.

Any new strategy that SEO's use to get better rankings in Google, of course it counters -- to neutralize it. The result has hindered the success of even so called "whitehat" SEOs.

More and Google is treating SEO as a form of search engine spam and hacking. Google has the advantage over SEOs because it handles its actions in private.

When SEOs complain about Google dropping them in the results SEO pundits like Dan Thies ask questions like "does Google owe you the right to make a living?" Jill Whalen promotes protecting the integrity of search engines.

The more interesting question and position to me is: should SEOs even care about anything else but good results for their clients via providing good content for their customers? In order to do this should the SEO community seriously consider going underground?

Do you think SEOs should become a secret society to safe guard their strategies and tactics? I think it may have to since any time SEOs get a hand up with Google's algorithm, that becomes popular knowledge, Google -- shuts it down.

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Raise Your Website Traffic with RSS - Blogs and YAHOO! Part 2. to be released this week

I understand that there is a lot of interest in seeing the second installment of Raise your Website Traffic with RSS - Blogs and Yahoo! I will work hard on having it ready this week. Thank everyone for the overwhelming response to this article.

I also wanted to thank major sites like Site Pro News and Content Desk for carrying the article. I am doing a lot of research on how RSS and Blogs can help you in your quest to win the search engine lottery. So please stay tuned.