Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google Gets Heat On Anemic Start of Video Search

The company I love to hate Google is receiving much negative press about the release of its video product. I guess a lot of people are getting a jump start into video. People seem to be complaining that too many novices to video production are stinking up the new Google Video search engine's results.

A recent article by a writer in the New York Times stating that both "trash and treasure" were included in this latest Google foray. Google's video service is proven to be so far less than perfect.

But so what?

Everything Google is expanding and engulfing anything remotely related to information in any form.

Google is expanding recently into

- Site Statistics

- Classified Ads (with Google Base)

- Magazine Advertising

- Radio Ad placement

- Cable TV ad placement

- satellite Mapping Technology

and these business roll-outs are only the tip of the iceberg in what we presently know about.

Like any aggressive growth company Google does not wait to achieve perfection before rolling out new web services. It gets those services online and then perfects them (especially if they show promise).

Google teaches us small business people especially website owners a lesson. We shouldn't wait for the perfect site, web app, ezine, or digital video before rolling them out.

I now counsel my web clients to get out a preliminary site to age through the Google sandbox. We do this while we are perfecting a more complex site. If the Googles and Microsofts of the world can afford to be less than perfect so can we little guys.

Focus more on completion of your web products and less on perfection and perhaps you'll on your way to being the next Google or Microsoft.

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