Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How Will Diversification In Search Engine Marketing Affect Your E-Business? Post 1

Search engines have become a fact of life on the internet. Most internet users continually turn to big search engine sites like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and Ask Jeeves not only to search general topics, but to fulfill their shopping needs. It seems like a natural place for marketing but competing for space on these big search engines can be tough.

Many Webmasters have jumped on the search engine optimization bandwagon. Companies today must factor search engine marketing into your e-business marketing campaign. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for newer websites to get good page rankings on the big search engines. In addition, since these search engines are content-oriented, the shopping needs of users might not be fulfilled in the best possible ways.

Even the big search engine giants like Yahoo! and Google have realized that the traditional search interface may not be the best possible way to search for goods on the internet.

In response, these search engines have diversified into engines devoted to marketing merchandise online. While Yahoo! acquired shopping.com, Google has developed Froogle, an online shopping engine. Smart webmasters should take advantage of this opportunity and diversify accordingly.

In our next post we will discover some of the advantages to this search engine diversification.

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