Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yahoo and AOL to soon Charge email Postage for Business eMails.

It is the story of urban legends. Internet postage for email. There have been stories like this for a long time on the Internet without any merit. However, a new report by the New York Times claims that Yahoo!, AOL, and perhaps MSN will soon charge postage to businesses that send email.

The rationale for such behavior is to stamp out spam. The real motive is to create a new income source in my opinion.

It is reported that the Internet portals and ISP will charge 1/4 of a penny to a penny per email. This will make it very difficult for small businesses to run email businesses. Already small businesses have to pay a good deal of money with third party services like Topica to send out their email.

In my experience so called "whitelisted" email deliver programs like Topica still cannot get your email through the spam filters.

20% of opt-in email is trapped by the spam filters. The large Internet services will not guarantee that business email will get through the spam filters without digital postage.

This is an attempt by Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN to hold small business hostage for email delivery. Plus consumers will not be happy if their confirmation email does not get to them for products that they have ordered.

Furthermore a lot of personal emails will be lost because they originate from a business ISP or host. It is sad how big business has made the Internet's first killer app so unreliable. This will press for the need for more technologies like Blogs, RSS, and Instant Messaging.

I hope the Internet community at large doesn't stand by and watch email become subject to postage tolls because this is a slippery slope towards big business domination and subjugation. This highjacking of Internet communication must not stand!

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