Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Forget Cheap eBooks -- Why Selling FSBO Real Estate Should be Your Next Hot SEO Focus. Part 3.

The Internet has made the real estate boom possible. You can book and buy property from anywhere in the world in any corner of the world. If you are sitting in New York, the Internet makes it possible for you to view, price, bid, and buy property in Florida.

With the Internet, you can access hundreds of sites featuring homes of all shapes and sizes, budgets, locations, and custom features.

Home owners who want to sell their properties without the commissions or hassles associated with a real estate agency can register their properties on sites that are specially designed for sale by owner (FSBO) real estate. Most sites allow you to easily register your property.

You can provide prospective buyers with details about your property, photos of the home and the site, and your availability. There is even software you can use to take site visitors on a virtual tour of your home (you could never do this in traditional print real estate advertising).

Such sites provide home owners with the opportunity to reach a large pool of buyers simultaneously. The sites offer guidelines and tips for home owners to help them advertise their property successfully.

In our next post we will discuss why FSBO real estate and SEO is a good marriage made in heaven.

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