Thursday, April 20, 2006

Forget Cheap eBooks -- Why Selling FSBO Real Estate Should be Your Next Hot SEO Focus -- Conclusion. By Kamau Austin

In our earlier posts we talked about the great promotional relationship between search engines and real estate. We suggested that savvy marketers or creative sellers of real estate could use search engine marketing to bypass the middle man real estate broker.

We suggested that some home owners could acquire the services of search engine marketers or search engine optimizers to sell their real estate online. We also showed how search engine expertise could empower you to develop virtual real estate (Internet and digital assets like ezines, websites, ebooks, Flash Demos, and web apps) to generate money for your business 24/7.

I also suggested there could be a great synergistic and mutually profitable sales relationship between virtual real estate and traditional real estate driven by search engine Internet marketing. Real estate brokers already know about the explosive profits that can be made in SEO and both traditional and virtual real estate.

In this the last post in this series let's take it up on the importance on the subtle differences between traditional advertising of your FSBO real estate (For Sale by Owner) and Internet advertising/promotion.

If you list in the traditional media writing the advertisement for the property is a very tricky business. It is important to emphasize the outstanding qualities of your property, but you don't want to sound hollow and insincere.

A better option is to first research how to sell your FSBO real estate and sell it on sites like a good example would be .

Your advertisement should carefully detail what your property includes. Details like swimming pools, landscaped gardens, kinds of stairs, marble, wooden floors, ceilings, ornamentation, and included furnishings are important to list in the advertisement so that the buyer understands the property's total value and can make an informed decision.

These sites often also include comparative studies on homes. Homes that are within the same price bracket are grouped together and easily accessible. Buyers can compare the prices and advantages of different homes and can look at multiple properties at the same time. If you are in the market for a new home, you are guaranteed to find a property that suits your needs.

The millions of properties that can be found on FSBO sites are from all corners of the country and are suited to almost every kind of buyer. The sheer range of properties available allows for freedom of choice, both for each home owner and each prospective buyer.

You can consider pointing potential buyers of your real estate to professional and helpful financiers like: Mortgages by Larry Stokes .

FSBO real estate frees both home owners and buyers from the hassles, commissions, and inconvenient visits of real estate agents. Most importantly it offers real opportunity for high ticket sales for ambitious Internet marketers.

Kamau Austin is a noted search engine marketer and author of Always On Top - How to get your business website on top of the search engines -- Every Time. Obtain his book at : Always On Top . He also does FSBO and Online Real Estate sales consulting at: Montclair NJ Real Estate

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