Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are Search Engines the Leeches of the Internet?

This is the opinion of well respected Internet usability expert Dr. Jakob Nielsen. I find it amusing that someone who is an insider of the web digerati is making a critical comment about some main fixtures on the Internet -- the search engines.

While I disagree with at least 50% or what I read from Mr. Nielsen in the past, He is usually worth reading. This is such a maverick position in contrast to most Internet gurus who read like apologists for everything the search engines embark upon.

His main point seems to be he feels the search engines are making a fortune off the content creators or web publishers without doing much in return. On the other hand, I feel Google and Yahoo are giving something back now in terms of revenues generated by their commission sharing programs like Adsense and Yahoo's publisher network.

More people are anxious to create good content because the content for the first time in recent years can be monetized with Adsense. It is encouraging however to see that an established Internet guru would hazard a critique of some of the main drivers Internet traffic and business -- the search engines.

You can read Dr. Jakob Nielsen full commentary of the search engines at: Search Engines as Leeches

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Good Guideline and Checklist of Getting Good Rankings with Google

I have been directed to a good resource to check your efforts for search engine optimization. This uses many of the tactics of successful SEOs. This page is an excellent resource and It can be found at: Google Checklist