Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Search Sites Have Doubled the Conversion Rates of Other Online Promotional Efforts

A very informative article has surfaced from web analytic ASP Web Side Story. It shows traffic driven from search engines is almost double the sales conversion rate than other forms of Internet promotion.

In other words, people driven to sites from search engines are twice as likely to buy on a website. The only traffic the produced more conversions was bookmarks or direct domain requests from browsers. Read the whole Search Engine Sales Conversion Article

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Great Article On the Art of Asking for Links

This is a great article by one of my favorite SEO writer Jennifer Laycock on: Building Links with Relationships

Good Ideas on How Your Web Pages Ranking Influences Conversions

How your pages ranking in the search engines impacts your sales conversion rates. This point is made very lucidly in this DM News article. Click here to read the article: How Your Search Engine Ranking Effects Your Sales Conversions

Super Bowl Drives Search Engine Traffic

Did you know commericals in the superbowl causes keyword spikes for brands on the search engines? An eye opening article I suggest your read makes this abundantly clear.

This shows how TV, and other forms of traditional media can have a benefical synergistic relationship with the Internet. Read the article at: The Superbowl and Search Engine Traffic