Friday, February 24, 2006

How Will Diversification In Search Engine Marketing Affect Your E-Business? Post 2

In our first post we wrote about why search engines are diversifying. In our 2nd post we begin to share why diversifying your search engine strategy is the right move.

Webmasters need to realize the potential of shopping search engines to optimize online sales. For one, the interface of this kind of search engine is very different from the traditional ones; they sort goods by categories. For example, if you are looking for MP3 players, you can narrow down your search by citing brand names, player models, memory space, and price considerations.

However, merely optimizing your web site for the generic category will not yield concrete click through results. Webmasters need to bring about a drastic change in their search engine optimization strategies.

Keyword optimization must consider the unique format of shopping search engines. An advantage to the current situation is that searches can be confined to local areas. This is where you should wisely employ services like Google Adwords.

This service allows you to choose the countries and areas where you want your ad to be displayed. Thus, you will not need to pay for ads being clicked through in Singapore when you can only sell your product in California. This translates into a more economic mode of operation for pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

In our next post we will reveal more advantages to search engine diversity in your marketing mix.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How Will Diversification In Search Engine Marketing Affect Your E-Business? Post 1

Search engines have become a fact of life on the internet. Most internet users continually turn to big search engine sites like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and Ask Jeeves not only to search general topics, but to fulfill their shopping needs. It seems like a natural place for marketing but competing for space on these big search engines can be tough.

Many Webmasters have jumped on the search engine optimization bandwagon. Companies today must factor search engine marketing into your e-business marketing campaign. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for newer websites to get good page rankings on the big search engines. In addition, since these search engines are content-oriented, the shopping needs of users might not be fulfilled in the best possible ways.

Even the big search engine giants like Yahoo! and Google have realized that the traditional search interface may not be the best possible way to search for goods on the internet.

In response, these search engines have diversified into engines devoted to marketing merchandise online. While Yahoo! acquired, Google has developed Froogle, an online shopping engine. Smart webmasters should take advantage of this opportunity and diversify accordingly.

In our next post we will discover some of the advantages to this search engine diversification.