Thursday, March 16, 2006

How Will Diversification In Search Engine Marketing Affect Your E-Business? Conclusion

In our 5 prior posts we explored the diversification of various forms of information online. People searching for information may not want to be deluged with shopping information and vice versa.

Therefore search engines are diversifying into different search functions specializing in finding different types of information. Froogle is a shopping search engine and so is Amazon's A9. Google and Yahoo! have created ingenious and sophisticated local search tools. Even the auction engine of ecommerce eBay has developed awesome search functionality that is an invaluable tool for web marketers.

While these auction sites are a haven for the layman seller operating from his home, for a dedicated marketer, auction sites deliver targeted buyers right to your sales promotion. You do not need to search for buyers, they eagerly seek out competitive sellers.

These kinds of sites are self-regulated; buyers can post comments on the seller’s site that discuss his reliability and his product’s quality. The better the testimonials on the auction site, the better your sales will be generated from the auction site’s search function.

Although Google is the search engine king, and MSN and Yahoo! round out the big three, the future will definitely require diverse search function expertise to position e-Companies online.