Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Forget Cheap eBooks -- Why Selling FSBO Real Estate Should be Your Next Hot SEO Focus. Part 5.

In the last 5 posts we suggested that savvy Internet marketers might get involved in the lucrative online real estate market to build viable local search engine driven businesses. We explained the growth of the FSBO market and the web empowering home owners to sell their real estate without real estate brokers.

Today we delve further into the amazing opportunities available in the online real estate market.

If you have no experience setting up or selling your property via the search engines perhaps you can hire a professional search engine marketer to do it for you. Even if the setup and marketing on the search engines is an investment of $1500 - $5000, contrast that to possibly paying a realtor $18,000.

For those of you who are tired of selling $47 dollar eBooks, or building endless Adsense VRE sites to make a couple of thousand dollars, helping FSBOs or real estate brokers looking to have their sites listed highly on the search engines at $1,500 - $5,000 a sale could be -- a very lucrative new career for you!

It would be fairly easy for an Internet marketer with a little search engine experience to manage PPC campaigns or SEO campaigns for FSBOs or real estate agents. Look beyond selling $47 eBooks or making $27 on an affiliate program and get a real piece of the action with online real estate marketing windfalls.

The successful search engine marketing of a real estate property would require at the very least some knowledge of keyword analysis, search engine bidding setup experience, bidding strategies, site statistics and conversion software, linking strategies and of course good copywriting skills. You will also need good pictures or 3D real estate virtual touring software.

If you are knowledgeable in these areas by all means setup your own FSBO web presence. If not, go to eLance, Rentacoder, or Montclair 411 to consider obtaining a professional to setup your FSBO sale on the search engines.

In our next post we will conclude this series of blogs on SEO and FSBO real estate opportunities.