Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leverage SEO with Article Marketing.

Article Marketing can be an excellent way to position
your business as an industry news source or leader.

We have mentioned in the past the importance of
Article marketing in search engine promotion.

Articles provides more content for the search engines
to spider. Further provides more places on the SEs
where your content can appear by leveraging viral
website visibility, blog and RSS syndication, and...
increases link popularity.

The following are some pointer on to doing this.

I write articles about things I know a quite a lot
about and have a lot of passion about. This way
the writing comes easy.

Other topics I outsource if I am not an expert
in it. Willie Crawford a leading article marketer
offers a good prescription of:

(1) Find a problem people have in your niche;
(2) Explain it in painstaking detail;
(3) Offer 3 main points or solutions;
(4) Give a call to action.

If you want another formula I read industry news
and events. Report about them on my blog and
after a week compile my blogs into a news wrap up
type of article to position myself as a reliable
news source in my industry. I distribute the
articles once a week.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Is the Web the Best Platform for eBusiness?

This may sound like a confusing question because
most people confuse the web with the Internet and
vise versa. You may be thinking ecommerce is
powered by the web. This is not necessarily

On the web you could be competing against
millions or tens of millions of other sites.
Unless you are real good at search engine
promotion, content marketing, co-reg leads, Blogs
and RSS, and Web 2.0 social marketing you are
swimming against the tide.

But do other net platforms like eBay, Craig's
List, and Amazon offer better sales returns
because of their focus? While these are web
destinations once you sign on to the system you
are on a sales platform much different and
powerful than the WWW.

There are many people making a lot more money
selling on eBay, Craig's List, and Amazon than
having their own website.

Do you sell on any of these marketplaces?

What has been your experience?

Do you have integrated marketing between these
online platforms?

Let's share on what is the best platform for

Friday, October 05, 2007

How to Sell Internet Advertising

My background is in ad sales. And most traditional
advertisers buy on a cost per thousand basis or CPM (M is
Roman numeral for a thousand).

Most corporate advertisers try to pay in the range of 5$ to
$15 for general market advertising. But corporate
advertisers want you to have a lot of traffic, readers,
listeners, and viewers depending on the media. Plus they
may ask for you to be an audited publication.

I think if you can get advertisers in your niche asking
them to pay $5 to $10 CPM is fair. If you know how to
build a high PR website you can also get them to pay for

On the web you have a few ways you can sell advertising:

(1) CPM
(2) PPC or CPC Pay or Cost Per Click
(3) Link Brokering
(4) CPA Cost Per Acquisition (when someone buys or takes a
certain action.

Promote Offline to Build Your Internet Business

There is a lot of truth to the fact that a lot of money can
be made offline. When I first started off in Internet
marketing I tried all the regular things taught.

I have made money doing Adsense, Affiliate programs, and
now my own products. I even have an Amazon best selling
book for search engine optimization books.

However, I got a business coach who built a multimillion
dollar business to work with me to take my business to the
next level. The coach Andrew Morrison of
Small Business got me to focus on the
Internet more as a sales channel and less of a marketing

He showed me how to do offline seminars in banks and
seminar settings. My income really increased as a
consultant to multimillion dollar companies.

Online we all do a lot of similar things but when I do a
seminar with just 10 people in a room I sell a bunch of
infoproducts and get some good clients paying thousands of
dollars for services.

When I am featured in offline national magazines and radio
stations I generate tens of thousands of dollars in
consulting fees and infoproduct sales. If you are finding
selling online is very challenging perhaps try doing
offline advertising, seminars, and PR.

In other words try using the offline world to promote more
or be your marketing channel and your websites to seal the
deal. Your website becomes more of your sales channel to
collect the money.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

How to Get Traffic From Online Articles

Many people use online articles as a way to drive website traffic. Articles not only help establish you as an expert but can help you with SEO as well. Lets take a look at some quick tips.

1. It is not that you just write good articles but the distribution of the articles are just as important. Do (a); (b); and (c) www.ideamarketers. There are at least 4 others you should do.

I would also recommend a article distribution service like and This will get you on literally thousands of sites driving you traffic. Plus the links from other sites will eventually help you with SEO.

If you get a good article distributed with you could get a few thousand visitors overnight from some big sites that subscribe to this service.

Get a good editor for your articles who has reasonable prices. I recommend

She is my secret weapon. She has an MA in English and charges less than $20 for a full length article of about $700 - $800 words.

Don't underestimate the power of getting your articles professionally edited. I noticed more high quality sites with editors publish my articles because they are professionally edited. Editing costs a little money but it pays off.

Lastly do press releases that are professionally edited. I have appeared in major magazines and radio stations often because I submit press releases to and other niche press release distribution services.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Did You Hear about this Traffic Source?

One of my favorite net traffic gurus John Reese has come out with what I think is -- a great idea. He has come out with a traffic exchange program for bloggers.

Bloggers can use as much traffic as possible these days with so much competition. Reese's new program is called Blog Rush.

Blog Rush seems to be very promising. It has the setup similar to banner exchanges but since Blogs and RSS are more popular and viral than banner ads it has more potential for success.

To consider and checkout the Blog Rush click here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Search Engine Promotion 2.0

We have come a long way in just a couple of years in search engine promotion. Search engines were once the best from of qualified high traffic online.

However depending upon your industry there are numerous ways to generate plenty of site visitors to your website today. Search engine promotion is not just about Google, Yahoo!, MSN,, and AOL anymore.

Just as important are search engines on popular web services like Amazon, Yahoo, and YouTube. Because of the new dynamics necessary to build a business based on driving significant web traffic and conversion, I will be coming up with a new version of my book "Always On Top" in the future.

Since web services are becoming so important I will be calling my new book -- what else but: "Always On Top 2.0"!

I will start writing it in January or February 2008. So stay tuned.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Review of ButterFly Marketing by Mike Filsaime

Review by Stephanie McIntyre for Search Biz Buzz

I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript by Mike Filsaime, since I had decided almost half a year earlier to pass on getting a copy of the complete Butterfly Marketing System.

The complete system was a bit too pricey for me at a cost of $1,497.00. At a price of $97.00 the manuscript was more in line with my budget. Like most people involved with some aspect of internet marketing, I buy my share of ebooks and systems guaranteed to boost your sales into the stratosphere, so I sat down to read the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The purpose of the book is to show a marketer how to bring his or her product to the internet marketplace and position it in such a way that it has a good change of making, at the very least, tens of thousands of dollars.

First, let me say that the book is very well laid out with a logical progression from general concepts to more specific information. It is obvious why this manuscript is a runaway best seller, as Mike gives users the exact steps he himself uses to realize his $75,000.00+ monthly income.

He starts with a short, somewhat philosophical discussion, of the anthropological concept of the Butterfly Effect, for which the manuscript is named. It is a nice touch and tends to tie the rather obscure name into the actuality of the concept.

From what I understand the major difference between the manuscript and the full system is that all of the tasks that Mike outlines in the manuscript are accompanied in the complete system, with software to actually implement the strategies discussed.

When, in the manuscript, he refers to a set of procedures that need to be done; in the complete system he actually supplies you with the script to accomplish it. He puts red double asterisks anywhere in the manuscript, where he makes reference to items included in the system that are merely mentioned in the manuscript.

So we are able to see clearly what we are missing by having the manuscript as opposed to the full system. This is marketing brilliance! So it is on the reader to either write the scripts himself or contract with a programmer through, or one of the other similar services, to have the scripts written to support the implementation of Mike’s system for their own use.

Although it is called the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript it should really be called The Butterfly Marketing Blueprint or Manual because if followed step by step it is hard to imagine that your product would not enjoy huge success in the marketplace.

He breaks down the phases of product launch into the three phases of Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-launch. He lays out exactly what you need to do in each of the phases to guarantee your success in the next phase.

It is obvious from reading the manuscript that you are seeing into the mind of a seasoned internet marketing professional. This is a rare, honest look inside the mind of a person who has used the very steps he is outlining to create his own success. After reading the manuscript I have no doubt that, if you follow the steps exactly as outlined, you will also meet with the same degree of online success.

I highly recommend The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. Mike is extremely generous to price it at $97.00. It would be a steal at five times that price. To find out more click here

Thursday, September 06, 2007

How to Get Out of Google Hell!

One of my sites was suffering from real low rankings. It seemed to have fallen out of the Google database all together. The only way to get to the site was to put in the domain name into the Google Toolbar or search box. What was ironic, because this site was always one of my best performing sites in Google.

I couldn't figure out what went wrong. I scanned the site constantly looking for problems that would cause Google to kick the site out of the database. It was obvious the site was loading slowly and had performance problems. Needless to say I was losing money and had to do something. It is so frustrating to be in an industry that is clouded in secrecy. If I had done something to offend Google I did not know what it was because they cloud their operations in such secretive fashion.

Something had to be done or I was going to lose a lot of money. So I did the next best thing and looked at my site the way I thought a Google person would review it. I got rid of everything that might piss Google off. I axed my pop-up windows. Got rid of JavaScript code from 3rd party services that were slowing down the downloading of my pages on my site. Then I day I noticed my site started making income again and was indeed on top of Google (please note I own about 40 sites).

The lesson learned is that you should evaluate your site in an objective fashion like Google would do it. May be test giving up pop-ups (since Google attacks this). And watch out for signing up for 3rd party code that calls services from other sites since if these services go out of business the code is still on your site. The code will be looking to call the service and since it is no longer there will stall your web pages. For example I signed up for some services that added RSS feeds to my site with Javascript. However the services went out of business but the code that I cut and pasted into my site was still there. I had no idea the service was out of commission. The JavaScript code was slowing down my web page delivery quite a bit.

Google may have penalized me because my page downloads were too slow. Or when they sent out a spider to download the pages the spider may have given up if the pages took too long to download. Please that this trouble-shooting approach under advisement if you are banished to Google Hell!

Finally Google's CPA ads Pay Off!

Today I got a pleasant surprise. One of Google's CPA (Cost Per Action) ads or Referral ads finally got a click and sign up! Is this the sign of things to come? I hope so!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Google's New CPA Ads Need Tweaking

Google's Recent Referral Advertising AKA CPA (Cost Per Action) ads are hoping to raise the bar for both advertisers and publishers. It pays publishers a commission when people take an action like -- filling out a form or buying something. The commissions are usually much higher than what a publisher would make with hosting just pay-per-click ads.

In theory it also hopes to help some netpreneurs side step the dreaded "click-fraud problem" characteristic of the pay-per-click mode of advertising. Google will have a safer way for some advertisers to advertise. It seems like a win-win for everybody.

Nevertheless, many people (including me) have never really profited from this type of advertising. This has been the case whether using Commission Junction DBA in the past or now with Google's new venture down this path. This may have much to do with advertisers not being adept enough at the art of getting people to fill out forms or buy things.

I have no major problems getting people to fill out forms on my sites. This makes me skeptical of some advertisers motives. You have to know how to sell what you are offering. So I suspect some companies are not really trying to get people to take action because they are getting free brand advertising from Google.

Google will probably need to have some type of performance standard where companies that cannot get people to take action -- have to drop the campaigns or redesign them. I will give the program a little longer to see results before I pull the referral units. However I think you should test Google referrals for yourself it may work out for you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still Fighting and Posting Again

This post is long overdue. However I am fighting cancer and after 2 major surgeries, 1 exploratory surgery and 9 weeks of chemotherapy I am just beginning to get back enough strength and time to continue this blog. I am fortuneate enough to still be alive and kicking.

So let me jump back into the SEO/SEM field...

It seems there is a lot new in online marketing going on. Especially in the fields of social networking and mobile search. I am working hard to get back up to speed on these topics.

I think the following publication can help me and you.

A good source of information is a new magazine "Search Marketing Standard". I think the publishers are making a good effort to create an industry magazine. It is a good and provocative read. However I just took a look at their site and it is even more impressive.

It features industry luminaries and a lot of other smart search engine and Internet marketing types. Surf over to it and check it out. I think it is worth bookmarking. Check it out