Thursday, September 06, 2007

How to Get Out of Google Hell!

One of my sites was suffering from real low rankings. It seemed to have fallen out of the Google database all together. The only way to get to the site was to put in the domain name into the Google Toolbar or search box. What was ironic, because this site was always one of my best performing sites in Google.

I couldn't figure out what went wrong. I scanned the site constantly looking for problems that would cause Google to kick the site out of the database. It was obvious the site was loading slowly and had performance problems. Needless to say I was losing money and had to do something. It is so frustrating to be in an industry that is clouded in secrecy. If I had done something to offend Google I did not know what it was because they cloud their operations in such secretive fashion.

Something had to be done or I was going to lose a lot of money. So I did the next best thing and looked at my site the way I thought a Google person would review it. I got rid of everything that might piss Google off. I axed my pop-up windows. Got rid of JavaScript code from 3rd party services that were slowing down the downloading of my pages on my site. Then I day I noticed my site started making income again and was indeed on top of Google (please note I own about 40 sites).

The lesson learned is that you should evaluate your site in an objective fashion like Google would do it. May be test giving up pop-ups (since Google attacks this). And watch out for signing up for 3rd party code that calls services from other sites since if these services go out of business the code is still on your site. The code will be looking to call the service and since it is no longer there will stall your web pages. For example I signed up for some services that added RSS feeds to my site with Javascript. However the services went out of business but the code that I cut and pasted into my site was still there. I had no idea the service was out of commission. The JavaScript code was slowing down my web page delivery quite a bit.

Google may have penalized me because my page downloads were too slow. Or when they sent out a spider to download the pages the spider may have given up if the pages took too long to download. Please that this trouble-shooting approach under advisement if you are banished to Google Hell!

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