Friday, October 05, 2007

How to Sell Internet Advertising

My background is in ad sales. And most traditional
advertisers buy on a cost per thousand basis or CPM (M is
Roman numeral for a thousand).

Most corporate advertisers try to pay in the range of 5$ to
$15 for general market advertising. But corporate
advertisers want you to have a lot of traffic, readers,
listeners, and viewers depending on the media. Plus they
may ask for you to be an audited publication.

I think if you can get advertisers in your niche asking
them to pay $5 to $10 CPM is fair. If you know how to
build a high PR website you can also get them to pay for

On the web you have a few ways you can sell advertising:

(1) CPM
(2) PPC or CPC Pay or Cost Per Click
(3) Link Brokering
(4) CPA Cost Per Acquisition (when someone buys or takes a
certain action.

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