Saturday, October 06, 2007

Is the Web the Best Platform for eBusiness?

This may sound like a confusing question because
most people confuse the web with the Internet and
vise versa. You may be thinking ecommerce is
powered by the web. This is not necessarily

On the web you could be competing against
millions or tens of millions of other sites.
Unless you are real good at search engine
promotion, content marketing, co-reg leads, Blogs
and RSS, and Web 2.0 social marketing you are
swimming against the tide.

But do other net platforms like eBay, Craig's
List, and Amazon offer better sales returns
because of their focus? While these are web
destinations once you sign on to the system you
are on a sales platform much different and
powerful than the WWW.

There are many people making a lot more money
selling on eBay, Craig's List, and Amazon than
having their own website.

Do you sell on any of these marketplaces?

What has been your experience?

Do you have integrated marketing between these
online platforms?

Let's share on what is the best platform for

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