Friday, October 05, 2007

Promote Offline to Build Your Internet Business

There is a lot of truth to the fact that a lot of money can
be made offline. When I first started off in Internet
marketing I tried all the regular things taught.

I have made money doing Adsense, Affiliate programs, and
now my own products. I even have an Amazon best selling
book for search engine optimization books.

However, I got a business coach who built a multimillion
dollar business to work with me to take my business to the
next level. The coach Andrew Morrison of
Small Business got me to focus on the
Internet more as a sales channel and less of a marketing

He showed me how to do offline seminars in banks and
seminar settings. My income really increased as a
consultant to multimillion dollar companies.

Online we all do a lot of similar things but when I do a
seminar with just 10 people in a room I sell a bunch of
infoproducts and get some good clients paying thousands of
dollars for services.

When I am featured in offline national magazines and radio
stations I generate tens of thousands of dollars in
consulting fees and infoproduct sales. If you are finding
selling online is very challenging perhaps try doing
offline advertising, seminars, and PR.

In other words try using the offline world to promote more
or be your marketing channel and your websites to seal the
deal. Your website becomes more of your sales channel to
collect the money.

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