Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still Fighting and Posting Again

This post is long overdue. However I am fighting cancer and after 2 major surgeries, 1 exploratory surgery and 9 weeks of chemotherapy I am just beginning to get back enough strength and time to continue this blog. I am fortuneate enough to still be alive and kicking.

So let me jump back into the SEO/SEM field...

It seems there is a lot new in online marketing going on. Especially in the fields of social networking and mobile search. I am working hard to get back up to speed on these topics.

I think the following publication can help me and you.

A good source of information is a new magazine "Search Marketing Standard". I think the publishers are making a good effort to create an industry magazine. It is a good and provocative read. However I just took a look at their site and it is even more impressive.

It features industry luminaries and a lot of other smart search engine and Internet marketing types. Surf over to it and check it out. I think it is worth bookmarking. Check it out