Friday, September 14, 2007

A Review of ButterFly Marketing by Mike Filsaime

Review by Stephanie McIntyre for Search Biz Buzz

I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript by Mike Filsaime, since I had decided almost half a year earlier to pass on getting a copy of the complete Butterfly Marketing System.

The complete system was a bit too pricey for me at a cost of $1,497.00. At a price of $97.00 the manuscript was more in line with my budget. Like most people involved with some aspect of internet marketing, I buy my share of ebooks and systems guaranteed to boost your sales into the stratosphere, so I sat down to read the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The purpose of the book is to show a marketer how to bring his or her product to the internet marketplace and position it in such a way that it has a good change of making, at the very least, tens of thousands of dollars.

First, let me say that the book is very well laid out with a logical progression from general concepts to more specific information. It is obvious why this manuscript is a runaway best seller, as Mike gives users the exact steps he himself uses to realize his $75,000.00+ monthly income.

He starts with a short, somewhat philosophical discussion, of the anthropological concept of the Butterfly Effect, for which the manuscript is named. It is a nice touch and tends to tie the rather obscure name into the actuality of the concept.

From what I understand the major difference between the manuscript and the full system is that all of the tasks that Mike outlines in the manuscript are accompanied in the complete system, with software to actually implement the strategies discussed.

When, in the manuscript, he refers to a set of procedures that need to be done; in the complete system he actually supplies you with the script to accomplish it. He puts red double asterisks anywhere in the manuscript, where he makes reference to items included in the system that are merely mentioned in the manuscript.

So we are able to see clearly what we are missing by having the manuscript as opposed to the full system. This is marketing brilliance! So it is on the reader to either write the scripts himself or contract with a programmer through, or one of the other similar services, to have the scripts written to support the implementation of Mike’s system for their own use.

Although it is called the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript it should really be called The Butterfly Marketing Blueprint or Manual because if followed step by step it is hard to imagine that your product would not enjoy huge success in the marketplace.

He breaks down the phases of product launch into the three phases of Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-launch. He lays out exactly what you need to do in each of the phases to guarantee your success in the next phase.

It is obvious from reading the manuscript that you are seeing into the mind of a seasoned internet marketing professional. This is a rare, honest look inside the mind of a person who has used the very steps he is outlining to create his own success. After reading the manuscript I have no doubt that, if you follow the steps exactly as outlined, you will also meet with the same degree of online success.

I highly recommend The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. Mike is extremely generous to price it at $97.00. It would be a steal at five times that price. To find out more click here