Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leverage SEO with Article Marketing.

Article Marketing can be an excellent way to position
your business as an industry news source or leader.

We have mentioned in the past the importance of
Article marketing in search engine promotion.

Articles provides more content for the search engines
to spider. Further provides more places on the SEs
where your content can appear by leveraging viral
website visibility, blog and RSS syndication, and...
increases link popularity.

The following are some pointer on to doing this.

I write articles about things I know a quite a lot
about and have a lot of passion about. This way
the writing comes easy.

Other topics I outsource if I am not an expert
in it. Willie Crawford a leading article marketer
offers a good prescription of:

(1) Find a problem people have in your niche;
(2) Explain it in painstaking detail;
(3) Offer 3 main points or solutions;
(4) Give a call to action.

If you want another formula I read industry news
and events. Report about them on my blog and
after a week compile my blogs into a news wrap up
type of article to position myself as a reliable
news source in my industry. I distribute the
articles once a week.