Saturday, September 27, 2008

Manage Business Related Stress with Prayer and Meditation

Hi SEP Blog visitors, this is the last in a series on
dealing with business related stress with prayer
and meditation. You may ask what is the difference
between prayer and meditation?

While I don't consider myself an expert or guru on
either one of these subjects I will give you my 2
cents on the difference. Prayer could be described
as communicating or talking with God.

When we pray we tell God all about our life, goals,
challenges, wants, needs, etc. May be some of us
thankful ones will actually thank God for all our
blessings. People tend to ask God for a lot of
stuff with our prayers (me included).

While on the other hand with meditation we focus
more on experiencing the love of God. You don't
ask for a lot of stuff -- you simply focus on a
phase or chat like God is Love. You try to let
the love of God imbue you on a deep spiritual

If you are really stressed out and can't go to
sleep at night try meditating to take your mind
off your problems. Meditation and Pray gave me
peace of mind when my doctor told me I had one
and possibly 2 forms of cancer.

P.S. Share some of Your Faith and Business related
stories at: This Christian Business Blog

Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day,


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Faith Inspire Your Business

Hello search engine experts, I realize in an earlier blog
I strayed from my usual business finance and online
marketing focus. Why did I write from an inspirational
and spiritual focus instead?

The truth be told I did it for no other reason than
I was moved spiritually to do so. The spirit told
me someone needed to see what I was moved to write.

Since I received a lot of thanks and positive feed back
I will explore faith and business for two more emails.
This blog will be the 2nd of 3 on business from a
spiritual perspective.

To be in business (especially these days) you have to
have faith because...

- 80% of businesses fall within a few years

- The divorce rate among entrepreneurs is very high

- entrepreneurs experience high stress and health
related challenges

Being in business takes vision, inspiration, and
a lot of preparation. There will be lonely days
and short nights.

If you don't have faith, belief, and a passion
that this is your calling in life you will be
swimming against the tide of success. Take my
advice and arm yourself with help from a higher

Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day,


Bio: Kamau Austin enjoys sharing business
funding tips. For more insights visit... . Austin is
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plan to Dominate the Search Engines

I recently read in a business magazine 50% of all
purchases are first researched online. Did you also
know that 90% of website traffic is first driven to
new sites by the search engines.

This means if you don't have a search engine plan for
your business you could be losing 50% of your business.
Don't sit on the fence when it comes to using the power
of search engine promotion for your business.

What business in these hard economic times can afford
to lose 50% of their business? You can have the best
looking website but if you don't have a search engine
plan to get it traffic -- it is useless.

What good is a beautiful site if no one knows it

Learn how to dominate the search engines to your
advantage today. Don't leave 50% of your business to
other Internet businesses.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

7 Places to Get Web Traffic -- (1) SEO

In this series we have talked about the best places to get web traffic. We mentioned the number one way to get web traffic is on the search engines. We mentioned different forms of Search Engine Traffic and how you can choose between SEO, PPC, and learning it yourself.

Today I want to share a little more about SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a way of getting good rankings in Google in what's known as the organic results.

Organic results is just a fancy way of saying the regular site listings without bidding or paying for better visibility. These are the listings on the left hand side of the search engine result pages or SERPs and below the sponsored results on the top.

60% of web users first surf the organic results on the search engines before using the sponsored listings. Users feel many times that the organic result listings have more value because the search engines rank them according to relevance.

Most searchers don't feel advertisers are as useful to their searches and view them with caution. On the other hand organic search listings are many times seen as being reviewed by an objective 3rd party.

Many feel the search engines have reviewed the organic sites to get the most topical destinations for their searches. This of course isn't actually the case because search engines are primarily algorithm based but people feel Google gets them the best results.

This is why organic search visibility is important for your website to achieve. We will touch more upon this in a couple of days.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Search Engines Gateway to the Internet

In a blog last week I talked about 7 effective
ways to increase your website traffic. I wanted
to talk about the first type today: search engine

Search engines could be understood as the gateway
to the Internet. In technologically developed
countries the Internet has reached market
penetration of about 50%.

So right away if you have a business that is on
the Internet but not getting search engine traffic
you are losing at losing at least 50% of potential

No business can survive losing 50% of its prospects.
This is why investing in getting search engine
traffic is so crucial. You can invest in getting
search engine traffic in 3 ways:

(1) Hire a search engine optimizer (SEO) expert

(2) Hire a Pay Per Click (PPC) consultant or ad agency

(3) Learn Search Engine Promotion Yourself

Contact me if you would like SEO or PPC help by
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P.S. If you order the book today you will get a free copy
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7 Billion monthly visitors to your site. This is a great

I'll write later in the week.

Have a Blessed Profitable Day,

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

All of us as entrepreneurs will have disappointments. We by definition run a business at a personal risk.

In business we realize the 80/20 rule in many aspects of what we do. And we understand 20 percent of our efforts
will yield 80% of our sales results.

Just take it to heart that when you try something new to expand your business or get financing there is an 80% chance that you may fail. Therefore, failure becomes
your friend.

Because with time you learn what works for you and what doesn't. Then you drop the things that don't work and adapt the things that do work.

Don't get bitter or sour about your failures. Look
forward to some failure as a path to become more

Turn bitter or sour lemon experiences in your business
and turn them into lemonade. For instance I just
experienced one of the worst periods in my life.

I was diagnosed with a form of cancer and underwent
4 surgeries and 9 weeks of chemo. I spent a lot of
time waiting for doctors and recuperating.

Rather than getting bitter I put together my eBook at which is turning into a huge suc.cess.

I took a very bad situation and turned it into something
valuable. When life throws you some sour bitter events
turn lemon into lemonade.

P.S. I look forward to sending you some valuable fr.e.e
gif.ts next week to help with marketing your biz online.

Have a profitable day,


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

7 Get Places to Get Web Traffic

Why do business online if you aren't seen? Does your
product or service deserve to make a statement, build
a brand, and make some sales?

Of course they do, if not why would you invest your
time into the hard work of developing a company? If
you have a valued product or service that deserves to
make a splash in the online marketplace you have to focus
on promoting your company.

Some of the best ways to promote your website are:

(1) Search Engines

(2) Articles Distribution Sites

(3) YouTube and MySpace

(4) Ning and other Web 2.0 sites

(5) Blogs

(6) Forums

(7) Affiliate Programs

I will be discussing the pros and cons of using these
methods in the near future on my blogs, sites and
newsletters so stay posted. This is an exciting time
to be involved in web marketing -- and we'll explore
how and why!

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Have a Profitable Day,


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is Race Still a Factor in Marketing Online?

I design search engine friendly websites as my main
business. I had my picture on my site and received no
quote inquires from non-blacks unless they were targeting
the African American market.

I take my picture off my site and I get quotes from all
people. People may buy ebooks from Willie Crawford and
Stephen Pierce but they have transcended race because white
gurus have given them the stamp of approval because of
their undeniable genius. They have become a part of the
inner circle of online Gurus.

But in ten years of Internet marketing we have only two
people who are black in the inner circle. This is sad.

There are young black Internet marketers who are just (if
not more successful) than Steven Pierce and Willie Crawford
who I both deeply respect.

For Instance Dante Lee and Veda Brown of Black News and
Black Gospel Promo respectively make over 500,000 dollars a
year in online sales and they aren't even known in IM
circles. There are Hip Hop related entrepreneurs making 6
figures or millions with websites who aren't acknowledged
for their IM savvy at all.

So we still have an old boy network in IM who are elitist
and out of touch with what is going on in niche ethnic
markets. Then there is the issue that selling IM to black
target markets is very tough.

Quiet as it is keep Willie Crawford and Steven Pierce stay
away from targeting the African American online community
because they are a really hard sell. No one know why it is
hard to get blacks to buy from blacks online but it is a

I am starting to make good inroads into selling to the
African American community but it is taking every bit of IM
knowledge and insight I have learned the last 9 years as an
Internet marketing.

Race does matter when selling to the African American
market online. But it shouldn't be an excuse not to do
well online.

Look at Barack Obama's campaign. I saw "Rednecks for
Obama" the other day! I never thought I would see the day
a Black man might win the presidency for the US in my life

If a Black man can be a serious candidate for President and
transcend race in the US we in IM can do it too. It will
be a challenge to do so - we still have to be twice as good
to get half as far.

Bio: Kamau Austin helps Businesses
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Friday, April 25, 2008

How can You Really Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

A recent person in a forum asked if one could really make money with Affiliate Programs. They seemed really demoralized with the whole process. The following is some of my experience with Affiliate programs.

I can feel this writer's pain. I have been there done that.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person who for years
tried everything to get some affiliate sales. I began to
feel the affiliate business was just bull.

I did some SEO research and discovered a niche that had a
lot of traffic. I went to Click Bank and found some

Then I started to sell an eBook in my niche. However the
companies weren't reputable and Click Bank got rid of them.

I tried to do a direct partnership deal but got ripped off
for my commissions. Later I began to do well with Adsense
and partnered with people with good products and created
affiliate programs. Some of these people never considered
their own affiliate programs before.

Eventually I created my own products. But it all starts
with finding a niche people are passionate about. You can
tell this type of niche by search traffic and the number of
ads carried on Adwords.

Kamau Austin helps Businesses
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Today's Web Marketing Q&A

Someone asked the following question:
Question Do You Need a Website to Make 6 Figures Online?

My Answer Below:
These days you lose creditability if you
don't have a website. People don't think
you are current.

There are online marketers who make 6 figures
without their websites being the main marketing
channel. But they have websites if for nothing
more than informational purposes.

A website is considered essential today almost
like a phone. If you told someone you were in
business but didn't have a phone they won't take
you seriously. A website isn't quite there yet but
it almost is considered as essential by most people.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Google Adsense Earnings Debacle

Many people are complaining about their decrease in Adsense Revenue.

My rankings have also gone up in the search engines. My traffic has gone up but my earnings have gone down 50%.

I have hundreds of pages of well written and edited content.

Google is probably keeping more profit to themselves now. But the real problem is we don't know. Every thing is cloaked in secrecy with Google.

Its one thing to keep their algorithms secret. Its another to keep our commissions a secret. How can you build a business progressively with a partner like Google when you don't even know how much they are paying you?

I started selling other things to make up for my Adsense revenue. I am thinking about dropping Adsense altogether.

If companies and individuals are using Ad Blockers the Adsense business model is going to die a slow death. This raises the question of whether 3rd party companies have the right to strip out our content.

What will be next ebook and software graphic blockers?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Internet Business Isolation a Problem?

Recently someone asked about how I deal with the
isolation of running an Internet business.

These are just some of the things that you can do to have
the human connection.

Here are some things to do to change this situation.

(1) Join the Chamber of Commerce, Business groups, and go
to the events of these groups.

(2) Build a team. As you business grows you will have a
team to partner with.

a. Outsource work to freelancers when you can.

b. Hire a manager to tell your freelancers what to do.

c. Have weekly teleconferences

d. Also I have a ritual where whenever I get a good sale I go
out to eat and invite one of my freelancers if they are

d. This may seem like a long way off but your business may grow
faster than you anticipate

(3) Get a successful mentor.

a. All successful business people have mentors.
b. See if you can talk with them at least once a week.
c. See if your mentor runs a mastermind group and join

When I was younger this was a problem for me. Now I like
working alone to a certain extent.