Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is Race Still a Factor in Marketing Online?

I design search engine friendly websites as my main
business. I had my picture on my site and received no
quote inquires from non-blacks unless they were targeting
the African American market.

I take my picture off my site and I get quotes from all
people. People may buy ebooks from Willie Crawford and
Stephen Pierce but they have transcended race because white
gurus have given them the stamp of approval because of
their undeniable genius. They have become a part of the
inner circle of online Gurus.

But in ten years of Internet marketing we have only two
people who are black in the inner circle. This is sad.

There are young black Internet marketers who are just (if
not more successful) than Steven Pierce and Willie Crawford
who I both deeply respect.

For Instance Dante Lee and Veda Brown of Black News and
Black Gospel Promo respectively make over 500,000 dollars a
year in online sales and they aren't even known in IM
circles. There are Hip Hop related entrepreneurs making 6
figures or millions with websites who aren't acknowledged
for their IM savvy at all.

So we still have an old boy network in IM who are elitist
and out of touch with what is going on in niche ethnic
markets. Then there is the issue that selling IM to black
target markets is very tough.

Quiet as it is keep Willie Crawford and Steven Pierce stay
away from targeting the African American online community
because they are a really hard sell. No one know why it is
hard to get blacks to buy from blacks online but it is a

I am starting to make good inroads into selling to the
African American community but it is taking every bit of IM
knowledge and insight I have learned the last 9 years as an
Internet marketing.

Race does matter when selling to the African American
market online. But it shouldn't be an excuse not to do
well online.

Look at Barack Obama's campaign. I saw "Rednecks for
Obama" the other day! I never thought I would see the day
a Black man might win the presidency for the US in my life

If a Black man can be a serious candidate for President and
transcend race in the US we in IM can do it too. It will
be a challenge to do so - we still have to be twice as good
to get half as far.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice take. You are correct, online purchase and adoption is still low, while skepticism remains high.

Hopefully we can all get in where we fit soon!