Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Search Engines Gateway to the Internet

In a blog last week I talked about 7 effective
ways to increase your website traffic. I wanted
to talk about the first type today: search engine

Search engines could be understood as the gateway
to the Internet. In technologically developed
countries the Internet has reached market
penetration of about 50%.

So right away if you have a business that is on
the Internet but not getting search engine traffic
you are losing at losing at least 50% of potential

No business can survive losing 50% of its prospects.
This is why investing in getting search engine
traffic is so crucial. You can invest in getting
search engine traffic in 3 ways:

(1) Hire a search engine optimizer (SEO) expert

(2) Hire a Pay Per Click (PPC) consultant or ad agency

(3) Learn Search Engine Promotion Yourself

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I'll write later in the week.

Have a Blessed Profitable Day,

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